The Best Guide of Strawberry Pocking in Japan

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Do you know strawberry picking? In Japan, it is a popular event to enjoy with friends and families. Today, I talk about Strawberry Picking and spots to do that in the spring season. And I wish you are interested in strawberry picking and other fruits picking.

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What is Strawberry Picking in Japan?

In Japan, February, the spring season is the best season to enjoy strawberry picking. Within the limited time such as 30 minutes, you can eat strawberry which you want.

Usually, for children  can eat 40 strawberry. The featured attractions are that during a good day, as talking with friends and families, you can eat much strawberry and staffs in the field often st us how to pick strawberry very well.

Near to Tokyo, the origin of strawberry is Kanagawa and Ibaraki prefecture. Around there, you can enjoy strawberry picking.

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Season of Strawberry Picking in Japan 2020

Most of strawberry is grown in the greenhouse which manage temperature, so Although it is different depending on kinds, from December to March the best season to pick strawberry is coming.

The low temperature makes strawberry taste good, so I suggest you to go during the cold season. In 2020, also the season is from December to March.

In Fukuoka, the southern part of Japan, the best season lasts until March, while in Miyagi, the northern part of Japan the season lasts until June.

How to enjoy Strawberry Picking in Japan?

To enjoy picking strawberry, depending on the firms, it sometimes needs reservation, so if you decide the firm, watch out if it needs reservation or not.

And also, the cost is different depending on the time. From December to May, the cost is getting cheaper. The usual cost in firms in Chiba is 2,000 yen for adults and 1,500 yen for children.

Moreover, in the season from December to March, firms of strawberry are crowded, so I suggest you to avoid the season, and go there in April.

You have better take belongings such as wettish with you because, sometimes there is no tish to wipe dirt in the firm.

The best famous strawberry picking farm near Tokyo

I pick up three spots of picking strawberry near to Tokyo: Setagaya Strawberry Firm,Nakamura Strawberry Firm, and Fukasaku Firm.

In Setagaya Strawberry Firm, the cost is 2,000 yen for people older than junior high school children. Within 30 minutes, with a white sweet sauce of strawberry, you can enjoy. Between January and March, only Sunday is open. It needs no reservation there.

In Nakamura Strawberry Firm, between January and May, it is open in Ibaraki, Ishioka city. There is a parking area and it needs no reservation. You can eat Benihoppe which is one of famous kinds of strawberry in Japan.

In  Fukasaku Firm, in Ibaraki, it is open from 1/18 to 5/6. And also, there is no limited time, so you can enjoy until what you want to finish.

Let’s Enjoy Strawberry Picking in Japan!

Why don’t you try to enjoy picking strawberry with your friends and families?

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