Onsen Egg (Onsen Tamago/温泉たまご) in Japan

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Do you know Onsen Egg called Onsen Tamago which is born at the hot spring are. Today, I explain about onsen egg for whoever doesn’t know and I pick up spots to eat onsen egg in Nagano, Japan.


What is Onsen Egg (Onsen Tamago)?

Onsen Tamago meaning is near to soft boiled egg by hot spring. Differently from a soft boiled egg, its yolk is hard, while its white is soft. You can eat around the flourish town of hot spring. In such ryokan and hotels, you can taste it in the morning as breakfast.

The original onsen egg still is tasty, but we sometimes eat Onsen Tamago with soy source. And also, the combination of rice is so good.

How to cook Onsen Egg in Japan?-Onsen Egg Recepi-

nozawa onsen

Onsen Tamago can be cooked not only by the hot spring but also in the house by ourselves.

How we can cook? There are three steps to cook.

Firstly, you have to boild 1 L water with a pot.

Secondly, you have to turn off fire and put 200 mL water and eggs into a pot after a pot boiled.

Thirdly, you have to wait for about 12 minutes after putting a lid on a pot.

After that, you could make Onsen egg. I suggest you to use a thick pot to make Onsen egg. If you use not thick pot, you have to wait for about 15 minutes on the third step.

Where we can eat Onsen Egg (Onsen Tamago) in Japan?

In Nozawa hot spring area, there are about five spots to make onsen egg by yourselves. After you buy eggs in supermarkets and convenience stores near to Nozawa onsen, you put it at these spots and you can make it and eat onsen egg. Kamidera no yu, Kuma no tearai yu, Mastuba no yu are said to be spots to make onsen tamago.

In the way of enjoying the hot spring, you can also enjoy eating onsen egg. Although it takes about 30 minutes to wait, you can get the original onsen egg there.

Why don’t you try to bring these original onsen eggs to your house and present it to your best partners such as families? It must be that it make them really happy as souvenirs from the Nozawa Onsen. 

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Eating Onsen Tamago!

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