Enjoy Fruits Picking in Japan!

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Fruits picking is popular in Japan. Do you like to eat fresh fruit in Japan or take a relaxed time in rural areas with your friends and families? If you say “Yes”, I suppose you fruits picking. Usually, you can eat fresh fruit, such as strawberries, apples, and purples, as much as you can until time gave finishes. 

Below, I will show you plain information about fruits picking and good places where fruits picking is held. 

What are fruits picking? 

In Japan, there are many tourist farms where fruits picking is held. Why fruits picking is popular in Japan? One of the reasons is a fruit in Japan is safe. You can eat fruit with relief. In the late 1950s, there begin fruits picking in Tanusimaru, Fukuoka prefecture. People took persimmons there. Today, there are various fruits picking in Japan.

The best famous strawberry picking farm in Japan and in Nagano Prefecture

I will introduce a few famous strawberry picking farms in Japan: Itigonosakai Strawberry Picking Farm in Osaka prefecture, Yokohama VeryBerry Strawberry Picking Farm in Kanagawa prefecture. Itigonosakai is in Sakai. In Itigonosakai, you can taste seven kinds of strawberries including Toukun, rare pink strawberry having a strong scent similar to peach with condensed milk or chocolate sauce. Yokohama VeryBerry gives eight kinds of strawberries in strawberry picking. When you have a trip to Tokyo, you can get there easily.

Then, I will introduce strawberry picking farms in Nagano Prefecture: Habiro Agricultural Park  Miharasi Farm in Ina, Sakai Strawberry Farm in Matsumoto. Miharashi Farm doesn’t limit the time of Strawberry picking, so you can eat as much as you want. Miharashi Farm is in Habiro Agricultural Park and you can enjoy various activities, such as making soba, weaving, and buffet.  

Many people are satisfied who visit Sakai Ichigo farm. You can eat Akihime and Benihoppe there. You don’t have to squat when picking strawberries and care about your shoes getting dirty.

The best famous apple picking farm in Japan and in Nagano Prefecture

nakasendo 中山道

Apple picking is usually held from the end of September to October. I will introduce a few famous apple picking farms in Japan: Jindaira Farm Apple Picking Farm in Gifu prefecture, Kajitunomori Apple Picking Farm in Hiroshima Prefecture. Jindaira Farm is a rustic farm and you may be relaxed. The cost is usually 400 yen for Adults and 280 yen for children and you can take apples harvested for 500 yen in a kilo.

In Kajitunomori, you can eat gelato and buy processed food like jam and pie. The apple picking cost is 800 yen for adults and 600 yen for children and you can take apples harvested for 500 yen in a Kilo. 

Then, I will introduce an apple picking farm in Nagano: Fumondi Tourist Farm Apple Picking farm in Shiojiri, Sanwa Tourist Farm Apple Picking Farm in Iida. If you go apple picking in late summer, you should visit Fumondi Tourist Farm. Usually, there held an apple picking from the middle of August to October. Fumondi Tourist Farm is also famous for its offering grape for the emperor and holds purple picking. 

Sanwa Tourist Farm is in the south of Nagano. Sanwa Tourist farm holds apple picking also for long terms. You can make apple pie and jam from apples just freshly picked.

The best famous purple picking farms in Japan and in Nagano Prefecture.


I will introduce a few famous purple picking farms in Japan: Ishihara Orchard Purple Picking Farm in Okayama Prefecture, Ono Tourist Farm Grape Land Purple Picking Farms in Oita Prefecture. In Ishihara Orchard, you can harvest more than 15 kinds of grapes, including a grape cultivated only in Ishihara Orchard. It is 700 yen to start purple picking and it is 200 to 300 yen in a gram to get grapes.

Ono Tourist Farm gives 60 minutes to do purple picking and you should be confident. There are three plans:3500 yen for picking Kyoho,2500 yen for picking Newberry,6000 yen for picking both. Kyoho is one of the most popular grapes in Japan.

Then I will introduce a purple picking farm in Nagano: Kanou Tanakaenn Vineyard & Farm Grape Picking Farm in Tomi, Yamahon Sorimathi Farm Grape Picking Farm in Suzaka.

Kanou Tanakaen grows high-grade grapes, such as Nagano Purple, grow only in Nagano prefecture and Shine Muscat, a very popular grape ate with skin. Purple picking is held in a greenhouse and you can do purple picking with no stress even on a rainy day.

Yahahon Sorimati Farm is in Suzaka and there grown grapes for the longest time in Nagano and its geographical conditions make grapes tasty. In Yamahon Sorimathi Farm, grapes are grown with organic fertilizer and little pesticide. There grown about 20 kinds of grapes and 200 yen to about 1200 yen is needed for a grape.

Enjoy Fruits Picking in Japan!

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