The Best Guide in Hakuba, Japan

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Hakuba valley in Nagano

Nowadays, Hakuba has been popular among foreign travelers. There are three reasons that Hakuba is loved by many tourists. The first one is that Hakuba is known as the snow resort because there are many skiing spots due to that many skiing parks were built for Nagano winter Olympic games.  So winter sports athlete loves Hakuba very much.

The second one is that during the summer season, you could enjoy trekking and climbing the mountains. The third one is that there are many hot springs whose water comes from the Alps. mountain. By these attractive good points, many travelers come to Hakuba these days.

Access to Hakuba from Tokyo 

Highway Bus

The highway bus starts from Shinjuku to Hakuba. It takes 5 hours to Hakuba Happo for about 3,400 yen. Although you think that it is far from Tokyo by the highway bus, if you take a bus at 6:35 in the morning and sleep while getting on, you could arrive before noon and you would think that it looks near between Tokyo and Hakuba.

Shinkansen / Train

If you use both Shinkansen and local bus to go to Hakuba Norikura,  it takes 3 hours until you arrive. It is earlier than using the highway bus. However, the cost is higher such as about 10,000 yen for a single trip.

You should go to Nagano station from Tokyo station by Shinkansen, and after that, you should take the local bus at the Nagano station and get on until the final destination, Hakuba Norikura.

Rent a Car

It takes about 8,000 yen~ if you rent a car in Tokyo while a day. And also, it takes about 3.5h between Hakuba and Tokyo. You have better use the highway for 7,000 yen~ from Hachioji interchange to Azumino interchange. The total cost is 15,000 yen~.

If you go to Hakuba with three friends, it takes 3,750 yen~ and after 3.5 hours, you could arrive at Hakuba. I think that way is the most convenient among these three ways. If you go with friends and you could drive a car, I suggest you to use a rentering car. 


How to Enjoy Hakuba in Spring, Summer, Autumn?

Although Hakuba is famous as the winter resort, these years many tourists come to Hakuba during the summer season. Then, I picked up three recommend sightseeing spots for the summer season.

→Must-Do Summer Activities in Hakuba

Hakuba Happo

Around Happo Ike, you could enjoy trekking. Moreover in the way of going to the trekking area, when you take the lift, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery different from the winter. Every year, people who love taking photos come here to take the pond and mountain pictures. The pictures like such as painting work.

Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Hakuba Mountain Harbor is opened from the spring season to the autumn season. There, you could enjoy a delicious dish at the cafe as seeing the beautiful scenery with mountains. And also, near to there, you could enjoy taking part in the trekking tour in the forest of Nezuko. If you want to know about the information on tours, please check the below site.

Hakuba Tsugaike Natural Garden

In Hakuba Tsugaike Kogen, in the winter season, it is famous as the winter sports area. While, in the summer season, you could get on the lift and see the mountain flowers and enjoy walking around. Near to Tsugaike Kogen, there is a bouldering park, and also you could enjoy move also on the side, and they are good for your health.

How to Enjoy Hakuba in Winter?

Hakuba has many attractive points so that many tourists enjoy it there in the winter season. Firstly, it is easier to come to Hakuba from Tokyo by some transportation than other winter resorts such in Hokkaido and Niigata. And then, there are many famous skiing resorts which are large and have many courses. The courses are very attractive for beginners to athletes.

Moreover, Hakuba is diverse because in 1998 winter Olympic games have been held, and then many tourists came to Hakuba, Nagano all over the world. By that, many foreign people gathered and the new restaurants and shops are appearing. When I came to Hakuba to play snowboarding, at the shops in skiing park foreign staff are working, and they could speak both Japanese and English. I felt it is very convenient for foreign tourists. Hakuba is loved by every tourist. Why don’t you come to Hakuba during the winter season?

→Let’s Take a Look at The Venue Where the Nagano Olympics (長野オリンピック) Was Held in Winter!

Where is the most popular Ski Resort in Hakuba?

I introduce the most popular Ski resort in Hakuba, although there are many ski resorts in Hakuba and it is difficult to choose the best.

Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort

From the ski resort called Hakuba Happo, you could see the Alps. a mountain which mountains are leading along about 3,000m. This place was used by the Olympic games and is one of the largest ski resort in Japan. Sliding down to the long evaluation, 1,000m makes you feel cool and exciting. It takes about 4,500 yen~ to enjoy skiing while a day, and you could rent skiing set for about 3,5000 yen~.

Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort & Hakuba47

It takes 5,700 yen for a person including the bus tickets for a round trip between Nagano station and the ski resort, the lift tickets while a day, and the cost for lunch. For university students, it is more convenient than other ski resorts. Hakuba 47’s pizza restaurant was chosen as the best restaurant among the Nagano ski resort restaurants for consensive two years. You could enjoy both skiing and eating food at the ski resort.

Iwatake Hakuba Ski Resort

It takes only three hours to Hakuba Iwatake from Tokyo. Moreover, you could use S-class tickets including priority path, and rendering service for 15,000 yen per an adult. S-class guests could use the ski resorts smoothly even if the ski resort is clouded. And also S- class guest could use the main lounge like a camping room where you could enjoy eating and drinking and hot meals, and playing with toys. If you come to Hakuba Iwatake, I suggest you to pay for S-class tickets. However, please watch out that the tickets are sold until 3/29 every season.

Onsen (Hot spring in Hakuba)

Some of hot spring spots are near to the ski resort, and sometimes there are hot spring in the ski resort. So you could make yourself relax after skiing. Moreover, the quality of hot spring water is good because it is from the Alps. mountain.

From the air-hot spring spots, you could see the beautiful panorama with mountains. Almost hot spring spots can be enjoyed for a single trip called higaeri onsen. And there, you could enjoy for a cheaper cost than staying at hotel and ryokan.

Rcommended Accommodation in Hakuba

Hatago Maruhachi

In Hakuba Maruhachi, you could experience the luxuary stay. The mood is modern and designed, there are some items for living, so it is convenient. The style of staying is like Airb which you could stay the same as living at home. If you want to know more about this accommodation, please visit the below site.

Hakuba Luxury Accommodation

Some hotels and ryokan in Hakuba are surrounded by much nature, And also you could spend time with your families and friends comfortably because there is no noisy like the city senter. Many accommodation have hot spring, and sometimes they can be changed into the private hot spring, so you could enjoy only with your  families and friends.If you want to know more about information about accommodation, please visit the below site.

Let’s Enjoy Many Activities in Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba valley in Nagano

Today I explain about traveling in Hakuba. If you want to know more about sightseeing spots in Nagano except for Hakuba, please visit the below site.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


”NAGANO TRIP” is sightseeing contents site to offer tourist information about Nagano prefecture in Japan. People who are interested in Nagano can learn and know about sightseeing contents before visit Nagano. In addition, visitor can learn and enjoy while traveling and after the trip.

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