Atera Valley (阿寺渓谷) in Kiso, Nagano

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Atera Valley is proud as Atera Blue, the beautiful scenery that they want to see until dead. it is in Okuwa village, Kiso, Nagano. Finally, I could come here where I want to come just only one time. Then, I introduce Atera Valley, the best spots.

→Matsumoto and Kiso Area Guide

What mean is Atera Valley?

Atera Valley is a valley along the river called Adera river running on Kiso river in Kiso, Nagano. Thus, although this valley is called Atera Valley, the river is called Adera river. it is interesting, isn’t it?

Atera Valley-Parking, traffic restrictions-

Where is the parking area? In 2019, the regulation for cars coming there is held. There is a parking area near to the valley’s gate. The toilets is at the parking area and only at the camping area. Don’t miss go to take a bathroom.

The time of regulation for accepting cars is from 20th July to 1st September in 2019 for 44 days.

Atera Valley -Parking in Autumn ~ Spring-

The parking area in Atera Valley from Autumn to Spring. There is a viewpoint in the way from the gate to the camping area along the street. It is good to take a walk after parking a car in the way and go by the car. You can enjoy as you like.

Access from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya to Atera Valley

It takes here from Matsumoto cit  by car. Here is on the right along the 19th national street. Near intern change is Nakatsugawa Inter. Gifu and Aichi is closer than Matsumoto.

How Can we arrive at Atera Village from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. The best way is to go first to Matsumoto station from there. From Shinjuku, Tokyo, by Azusa, a rapid train it takes 3 hours to Tokyo. And also, from Nagoya, by a rapid train, it takes 2 hours. Moreover, it takes 3 hours by shinkansen between Nagoya and Osaka, so it takes 5 hours from Osaka to Matsumoto. Finally, it takes half a day from Osaka to Atera Village, and it may be a difficult way for you.

Necessary Time of Trip in Atera Valley

It takes about 2 hours on foot to the top of camping area to the gate of Atera Village. You have better take a rest on the way, but there is no refreshment, so you have better bring some of them.


里帰りハナノキ・トイレ⇒15min(1h 1min)⇒熊ヶ淵⇒12min(1h 25min)⇒牛ヶ淵⇒12min(1h 37min)⇒

吉報の滝⇒12min(1h 49min)⇒阿寺渓谷キャンプ場・美顔水遊歩道一周:約45min(Until 六段の滝 +15min)

Unavailable Things in Atera Valley

Can we play in the river? About notice of them. In Atera Village, the below things are unavailable.

  • Don’t you try to throw yourself into the river from the street and the bridge, don’t play at the deep are in the river.
  • Don’t approach while drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t use a fire.
  • Please bring your trash to your home.
  • Try to go across by car-friendly because the street is very narrow.
  • Take yourself when it is raining.
  • Don’t break flowers and nature, and don’t come into the unavailable road.

Inukaeri no huchi (犬帰りの淵) in Atera Valley

From the bridge, I could see down beautiful Atera blue colour. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery! 

Kitsune ga Fuchi, Tanuki ga Fuchi (狐ケ淵・狸ケ淵) in Atera Valley

Kitsune ga Buchi and Tanuki ga Buchi is modeled as the situation Tanuki and Kitsune, Japanese animals are changing themselves. 

As I see down from there, I could see beautiful Atera blue more clearly than Inugaeri no Buchi. Involuntary, I tried to go down into the river.

Water is too clear. It is very clear! The temperature of the water is colder than usual. It’s amazing.

Amegen no Taki (雨現の滝) in Atera Valley

As I go down, Amegen no Taki could be seen. The spot is said to be appeared only when it rains. Although it was not raining, I could see. The style is mysterious.

Forest Train Ruin (森林鉄道跡) in Atera Valley

The trace of rail which was running between 1922 and 1963 was appeared. I could feel refresh if I take on the used train. The mixed situation among nature and artifactures is very interesting. I suggest whoever is interested in to go there.

Let’s go Atera Valley (阿寺渓谷) in Kiso, Nagano

In the summer, let’s try to go a tour in Atera Village. Atera Village was better place for sightseeing than I thought. I could be attracted and take a rest there. As it was still cold on MAy, in the summer it will be a place to escape from the hot of the summer.

Spots for sightseeing in Kiso is including the below sites, so please check it.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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Nice to meet you. I’m Karina, a university student. Now I’m living in Nagano, Ueda, so I’ll introduce very much about Nagano, Japan! I also have been to study abroad twice in Italy and Greece. This is why I could write traveling articles in English. My favorite things are to go to a cafe and book shop whose buildings are renovated! After you read my articles, I’d like you to know about Nagano and be interested in many popular spots there.