Buying and Looking at Koinobori in Japan

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For foreigners, it’s difficult to know

  •  “What is Koinobori?”
  •  “Where to buy Koinobori?”

In this article, I” ll explain Koinobori for you. 

Koinobori was born at Edo period

Originally, Koinobori was born from ”Tango no Sekku(端午の節句)”. Tango no sekku means May 5 and was a Chinese event which was for an exorcism. Due to Chinese coming, Tango no sekku was told to Japanese. 

In Japan, Tango no sekku was changed to the event as a  one for greeting grows of a baby boy; as a result, people have put up a flag on their gardens for greeting their children’s fortune. Now, flags are changed to “Koi flags”.
This is a origin of “Koinobori”.

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Places to buy koinobori  

We” ll introduce services to buy a Koinobori. 

Shop List

  1. Kougetu Ninngyo, Gunma
  2. Kyuhodo, Osaka
  3. Suga Ninngyou store, Saitama

 In the below headings, I’ll explain the detail.

Kougetu Ninngyou, Gunma

Sending items to foreign countries is OK. Needs 3000 yen to send items. No online shopping. An only a real shop. By train: 1hour from Tokyo station.

Kyuhodo, Osaka

Sending items to foreign countries is OK. For free if you buy items over 10,000 JPY. It has an online shopping website. By train: 20 minutes from Osaka station.

Suga Ninngyou Store, Saitama

Sending items to foreign countries is OK. An additional fee is depending on countries which you want to send. You can use the online shopping in this store. By train: It takes minutes from kjojojo

The best 3 Koinobori festival

During the spring, many Koinobori festivals are held all over Japan; therefore, it’s difficult to select where to go. 
In this heading, we” ll tell you the best 3 Koinobori festival.

Dragon God Bridge Koinobori Festival, Ibaraki 

From the late-April to mid-May, many Koinoboris were hung up along Dragon God Bridge(竜神峡). Over 1000 Koinoboris are there and a lot of people have visited this festival. And about a good point of this bridge, you can do bungee jump!  By train: 1 hour from Tokyo station to go Ibaraki.

Kazo citizen peace festival, Saitama

Second, Kazo citizen peace festival(加須市民平和祭) is a good festival. The most surprising point is the size of Koinobori in this festival. Surprisingly, the size of this festival’s Koinobori is 330m. This Koinobori is the longest one in Japan, so people have come from all over Japan for many years. Saitama is next to Tokyo, so you can go in 30 minutes by train.

Koinobori no Sato Festival, Gunma


First, I’ll introduce Koinobori no Sato Festival (こいのぼりの里まつり). About a main point in this festival, there are so many Koinoboris over 3000. In 2005, more than 5000 Koinoboris were hanged and this was Guinness records. The view covered with so many Koinoboris is fantastic. By train: You can go to Gunma in 1 hour from Tokyo.

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Enjoy Japanese traditional koinobori

If you go to Japan, please visit the upper places and get Koinobori. You wanna know more about Koinobori, read the below articles!

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Northern Alps in Nagano


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