11 Historical Places in Nagano You Need to Visit in Your Japan Travel

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Nagano prefecture is imagined “Rich Natural Area in Japan” by usual tourists. However, there are many historical places in Nagano.

Especially, Nagano’s historical post-town is renowned around Japan. Please include the places you are interested in your travel list.

Zenkoji Temple-One of the most important and popular temples in Japan-

Zenkoji temple (善光寺) is one of the most famous temples in Japan. This temple’s Honzon (principal image of Buddha) is the Amida Nyorai statue from China. However, this culture originally came from India.

The main shrine of Zenkoji which was built in 1707, has registered a national treasure. There are many hospices and eating establishments and souvenir shops aside from the main street to the main shrine.

It is exposed to the public once every 7 years. This event is called “Gokai-Cho (御開帳)” If you want to visit Zenkoji, we recommend to visit in 4th April ~ 30th May in 2021.

Matsumoto Castle-Most cool castle in Japan-

Matsumoto-jo Castle(松本城) is a Japanese-style castle built about 400 years ago. Matsumoto castle is called “crow castle “because the Color of Matsumoto castle is more black than the usual Japanese castle.

It is registered as a national treasure. We recommend the scenic view from the top floor. And visitors can take beautiful pictures of Matsumoto-jo Castle with cherry blossoms and the Northern Alps.

Suwa Taisha Shrine-One of the oldest and most important Shinto shrines-

Suwa-Taisha Shrine has a religious faith among the people of Japan. There are four shrines, which are called Kamisha-Maemiya(上社前宮), Kamisha-Honmiya(上社本宮), Shimosha-Harumiya(下社春宮), Shimosha-akimiya(下社秋宮).

This area is renown as a spiritual place in Japan. From a long time ago, some gods relate Suwa-Taisha Shrine, so recent tourists often feel mysterious power.

Ueda Castle Park-there is a famous cherry blossoms festival in spring-

Ueda Castle Park is the most popular sightseeing place in Ueda city. The castle was built in the 16th century by Sanada Masayuki who is a very popular samurai “Sanada Yukimura”‘s father. The castle became a public park now. In the spring season, there is a famous cherry blossoms festival.

Togakushi Shrine-It is renown as the winter hiking spots-

Togakushi(戸隠) is visited about 1.5 million tourists every year, so popular destination in Nagano. The temperature in the summer season is lower than in the metropolitan. Togakushi is well known as a cool place in the summer season. Togakusshi is at high elevation, so UV light is higher than it is at a lower elevation.

There is 5 shrines are called Togakushi Shine (Togakushi jinja/戸隠神社). These shrines were constructed for 2000 years ago. This place is famous as a power spot. If you can all shrines, probably you will get good things.

Recently the shrine’s winter landscape is renown as a instagrammble place by foreign tourists. If you want to know, please more detail information the below button.

Narai Juku Post Town-Shiojiri’s most popular sightseeing spot-

Narai-Juku (奈良井宿) is a Japanese traditional townscape. Samurai period〔Edo (Tokyo〕 era 1603-1868), this area was one of the main ways (this way was called Nakasendo) to transport from Kyoto to Edo(Tokyo).

We can look at a state of remaining Japanese traditional townscape and feel a historical atmosphere. Its attractive point is available to access because Narai Juku is connected to the nearest station!

Tsumago Juku Post Town-Visitors can stay some historical accommodation-

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

Tsumago-juku post town (妻籠宿) is located in Nagiso town in Nagano. During the Edo period, traveler, merchant, administrator used transport Edo (now Tokyo) with Kyoto.

We can look at a state of remaining Japanese traditional townscape and feel a historical atmosphere. There is some accommodation in Tsumago-juku, visitor can stay the historical treasure.

Kaikoen(Komoro Castle Park)-Cherry Blossoms, Autumn Leaves are beautiful-

Kaiko-en (懐古園) is located in Komoro city in the East Nagano area. There was the Komoro castle a long time ago. Visitors feel the atmosphere in an old castle town around the Kaiko-en.

The characteristic point is that the castle was called “Anasiro “. Usually, there is a castle above a castle town. But, the Komoro castle was under a castle town. This situation was called “Anashiro.

Inside the Kaiko-en, there are Kaiko shrine, Komoro animal park, Memorial Hall of Shimazaki Toson (who is Japanese famous author). Visitors can look a cherry blossom in spring, Autumn leaves in the autumn season.

Karuizawa-Visitors can enjoy historical landscape and nature and shopping!-

Karuizawa (軽井沢) is one of the most popular summer resorts located only one hour from Tokyo. Karuizawa has been known as a somewhere cool to stay and relax since about 1886.

In the present day, the new places, such as a Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza outlet mall, Hoshino resort, and the Church Street Karuizawa have come to be known.

Unno Juku Post Town-One of the Longest Historical town in Nagano-

Unno juku post town (海野宿) is located in Tomi city in the East Nagano area. This place was a post town of Hokkoku Kaido (Japanese Edo era’s public old road between Edo to Kanazawa).

Even now, Unno-juku is constructed by about 100 buildings. In addition, this road is elected as a Top 100 Japanese Road. Visitors can timeslip to Edo-period!

Bessho Onsen-One of the oldest Onsen town in Nagano-


Bessho Onsen Area is located in Ueda city. Bessho Onsen is called “One of the oldest hot spring areas in Nagano.”. There are some historical Onsen-Accommodation and famous temples. Especially Anrakuji Temple(this picture) was registered as a Japanese National Treasure for the first time in Nagano.

Best 11 Historical Sites in Nagano!

Nagano has many historic sites that are attractive. These places recommend point is that visitors can enjoy all-season. You will probably look many faces according to the season. If you other historic sites and sightseeing places, please read the below articles!


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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