YASUESOU BIO HOTEL(八寿恵荘)-Eco-Friendly and Green Hotel in Japan-

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YASUESOU is an eco-friendly hotel in the mountain area of Japan. Traditional Japanese culture still exists around there. The hotel is an eco-friendly hotel representing Japan which got the first certification of BIO HOTEL in Japan and Asian countries.

The ideas of organic are used for many things, very high-quality new rooms are there, the building is deep in a forest. Here, I will report my experience at the greatest spot in Japan, located about three hours by train from Tokyo.

YASUESOU is first certified BIO HOTEL in Asia

Have you ever heard of BIO HOTEL? ‘BIO HOTEL’ is known as one of the most district certification in the world. In Japan, only three hotels have this certification by the end of 2019. BIO HOTEL means a hotel which concerns and acts for the health of customers, environment, and sustainability.

This idea was born in Germany and Australia, and Die BIO HOTEL was launched in 2001. In Japan, the department organization known as BIO HOTELS JAPAN was launched in May 2013 with the permission of Europe BIO HOTEL.

YASUESOU got the first certification of BIO HOTEL in Japan and Asian countries in 2015. It means that it is one of the hotels which has strict and high goals for sustainability and organic principles. It is more than worth visiting there while you are traveling in Japan.

YASUESOU Information

Address4098, Hirotsu, Ikeda town, Kita-azumigun, Nagano prefecture.
Accommodation fee¥22,000 (for 1 adult)
Amenitytowel, towel, tea set, LED lantern, hanger, towel rack, air conditioner, humidifier, and much more

YASUESOU is located in Nagano

daio wasabi farm in nagano

YASUESOU is in Ikeda town, Nagano prefecture, which is located in the middle of Japan, about 2.5~3 hours far from Tokyo by train. You can see Hida Mountain Range called the Japanese Alps, which attracts many tourists throughout the year. I’m sure you will feel the old Japanese village culture there. 

Matsumoto city, which is known for Kamikouchi and Matsumoto castle, is located within 1 hour by car from YASUESOU. You can enjoy both activities in nature and historical places while you are staying at YASUESOU.  When I stayed for one night, it snowed one day before so I saw very beautiful scenery with snow and the coming of spring.

Access from Tokyo to YASUESOU

The station nearby YASUESOU is JR Akashina station. It takes 2.5~3.25 hours by train from Tokyo station or Shinjuku station. There is a free shuttle bus between JR Akashina station and YASUESOU. The bus leaves JR Akashina station to YASUESO at 15:10, and from YASUESOU to JR Akashina station at 10:30.

YASUESOU’s 7 recommended points for you who are interested in Eco and Sustainability

It is beyond words to explain the good points of YASUESOU. Here, I will introduce 7 attractive points but there are more. All 7 points are related to ideas of eco, sustainability, and organic. And also, experience Japanese traditional customs and culture.

1, Organic Facility

YASUESOU was built with a very strong particular idea about material. All buildings were made with 8 kinds of solid woods from local areas. Solid wood is different from laminated wood. It means a wood cut from trees directly. You can feel its soft and smooth touch, like natural trees. It adjusts the humidity of the rooms as well.

The wall is painted with plaster, and also the paint is made with natural materials. Not only wood, other materials are also natural things. Harmful chemical materials are not used, so the building is very safe even for people have home allergy.

Although I stayed there in spring and it was pretty cold outside, the inside of the building was so comfortable that I could spend time barefoot. Thinking about the environmental effect, YASUESOU installed a wood chip boiler which helps not increase CO2. The boiler is used for the hot water supply and floor heater. So you can’t help breathing deeply because of the fragrance of wood, even if you are in the building!

2, Organic and Vegetarian Menu

YASUESOU produces their meals by using local food as much as possible. For example, vegetables from their own gardens, organic rice and vegetables grown by local farmers. The hotel has many connections with local farmers.

By using a lot of organic food grown locally, they activate the local economy. And also it is concerned that they can reduce the cost and environmental effects of delivery. So by choosing the hotel, you can be a consumer who is a part of an eco friendly economy.

That is helping sustainability for the economy, environment, and people’s health. Of course, the vegetarian menu is also available.

3, Experience Traditional Japanese Culture

The most outstanding character of YASUESOU is that it has an aspect of “ryokan”, which is Japanese traditional style of hotel, not only eco-friendly, organic and sustainability hotel. So that you will enjoy Japanese traditional culture too. In the bedroom, there are tatami mattresses on the floor and cotton futon for bedding.

All bedding stuff like futon or blanket is made of 100% organic cotton. Art craftsmen made them properly by hand. They are all soft and smooth for skin, and also safe for someone who is very sensitive about bedding.

If you don’t like Japanese style bedding, which means sleeping on the floor, western style rooms and beds are also available.

You can eat delicious rice for dinner, which is cooked in “kamado”. Kamado is a kind of Japanese old style cooker. By using real fire, rice is cooked in a more delicious way. Even for Japanese people, there are few who have experienced this way of cooking. I’m sure it will be a precious experience for you!

4, Hot Spa of Chamomile

Japanese bath culture is well known among the world. YASUESOU has a hot spa called “Kamitsuren no Yu.” Plenty of good quality extract from chamomile is in the bath. By taking that bath, you will relax and forget the tiredness of traveling. You can see thousands of camomile in the garden from that bath too.

5, Children are Welcome

YASUESOU welcomes families with children. There are toys made of the trees which were the leftover of the building materials, a xylophone, which was made of the same trees of the buildings. And many books related to nature and organics. The floor is flat and warm so that children including babies can walk with their hands and lie down. And also, the staff are very friendly to everyone. YASUESOU is an organic and sustainable hotel for children as well.

6, Cosmetics made from Chamomile

In Japanese, German Chamomile is called “kamitsure,” as known as the Queen of herbs. The company Sougo runs YASUESOU and sells their original bland cosmetic products named “Kamitsuren.” As you can see from the name, lots of extract from organic chamomile grown without any pesticide is used for the products. The chamomile is grown in their own organic farm certified JAS certification or by domestic licensed farmers.  

In the bath “Kamitsuren no Yu”, you can use products like soap or other cosmetics freely. They are very gentle and harmless for your hair and skin. You can get the bath essence and all product or cosmetics at the gift shop in the hotel and enjoy it at home as well.

7, Feeling the Air of Nature

What do you think of Japan? Some people might think about the big cities like Tokyo or Osaka or historical places like Kyoto or Kiso. However, in fact, 70% of the land of Japan is forest. YASUESOU is surrounded with the forest and the garden of camomile, so you can feel the power of nature whether you are outside or inside of the building.

I recommend you to walk around there, even a guided tour is available. You can also experience the harvest of vegetables, crops and camomile. Enjoy your time in the full of nature.

Booking YASUESOU / Contact

Please make a reservation from this page. However, it is written only in Japanese. If it’s not suitable for you, please contact E-mail→info@yasuesou.com


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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