Best Vegetarian Chain Restaurants in Japan

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Today I introduce Japanese restaurants offering vegetarian foods. I explain which menu vegetarian can eat clearly. I would like you to use information as a reference when you find restaurants for vegetarians and vegans.

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There is a menu that Vegetarian can eat restaurants in Japan

Although there are few restaurants which offers food for vegetarians and vegans in Japan, some of restaurants which are known by foreign travellers such as Tenya and CoCo壱番屋 offers vegetarian food. Dish offered by every restaurant are almost delicious and cheap. So you would  use them comfortably while staying in Japan.

Tenya (てんや)-Enjoy TENDON-

In Tenya, they are offering Yasai Tendon and vegetable tempura as vegetarian food. Although Yasai Tendon is made of vegetables, and also the batter coating is used without eggs, the tempura soup is made of mackerel because it is written that it includes mackerel as allergy in the menu.

If you eat without soup, I suggest also vegans to eat it. And also, there is Yasai tempura which are used by vegetables and vegetarians can eat, as same as Yasai Tendon, without soup vegans, can enjoy eating tempura.

CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA(Coco壱番屋)-Japanese-style curry rice-

In  CoCo壱番屋, they offer vegetarian curry cooked without animal ingredients. However, every  CoCo壱番屋 in Japan doesn’t offer it, and some of shops in Tokyo and other cities are offering it. If you want to go to eat vegetarian curry in CoCo壱番屋, you have better which restaurants has menu of vegetarian curry beforehand.

Convenience store

Also in convenience stores, there is food for vegetarians and vegans. For example, about rice ball called Onigiri, there are konbu onigiri and ume onigiri used without animal ingredients. Moreover, the are selling makizushi cooked by ume and nattou.

About bread, there are some side dishs bread used by vegetables. However, although oden can be eaten by vegetarians because it includes tofu, the soup is used by animal ingredients such as fish and meat, so you have better give up eating oden if you are vegetarians. You could choose udon and soba instead of oden, if you can drink Dashi of Katsuo as vegetarians.

Saizeriya (サイゼリヤ)-Reasonable Italian Restaurant-

In Saizeriya, Japanese italian food restaurants, you could eat salad if you change the dressing into the olive oil dressing. And also, you could enjoy the pasta menu such as peperoncino cooked except for animal ingredients.

Otoya (大戸屋)-Some kinds Japanese Foods-

Moreover, in Otoya offering Japanese food, they are offering food for vegetarians and vegans. Of course, you could enjoy eating rice without afraid of emotion. And also, some of the salad can be eaten by vegetarians such as cabbage salad, green salad, and original tofu salad. About deserts, you could enjoy eating 黒みつ豆乳 used by soy milk.

Visit Best Vegetarian Chain Restaurants in Japan

Could you see which menu you could eat as vegetarians and vegans through this column?
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