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Would you like to travel in a little niche town in Nagano Prefecture in Japan? or even to explore the area is full of nature by bicycle? we would recommend you to pay a visit to Tateshina Town (立科町).

In Tateshina Town, you can see a deep relation between the natural environment such as the birch forest and the town’s historic townscape s which attracts people. You will become a fan of Tateshina once your trip has come to an end.

Where is Tateshina town?

Tateshina town (立科町) is located in Saku area in Nagano prefecture. Near Ueda City which is famous for it’s historic Ueda Castle, and also Karuizawa, a famous summer resort. In Tateshina Town, you can see a deep relation between the natural environment such as the birch forest and the town’s historic townscape s which attracts people.

The scenery of Lake Shirakaba, Lake Megami, and Shirakaba Highland is beautiful. Visitors can feel the historic atmosphere and visit the authentic townscapes preserved since the Edo-period at the Shukuba post towns of Ashida and Motai.

Access to Tateshina town

From Haneda airport

The quickest method to get to Tokyo Station from Haneda Airport is to travel by the Monorail to Hamamatsucho Station and change to the JR Lines to Tokyo station, which takes about 30 minutes.

From Narita airport

There are two ways to travel to Tokyo City Centre from Narita Airport. You can choose either using the Narita Express which directly brings you to Tokyo station in 75 minutes; or alternatively, by Narita-Airport Limousine Bus Airport Shuttle Bus to Tokyo Station Yaesu-guchi for 1,000 yen and takes about 100 minutes.

From Tokyo City Centre

Unfortunately, the town is not served by any railway company’s but it can still be accessed easily by other mode of transport. The nearest railway station to Tateshina town is Sakudaira station (佐久平駅), which is 20km away from Tateshina.

From Tokyo, it is best to travel by Hokuriku shinkansen (北陸新幹線) to Sakudaira station, then get on a Nakasendo Line (中山道線) bus (runs by Chikuma Bus company (千曲バス)) from outside Sakudaira station to Tateshina town and get off at Yakuba Mae Bus stop (立科町役場前バス停). The bus journey takes about 40 minutes and cost /830 yen one way.


Let’s go sightseeing within Tateshina by e-Bike

There are a lot of attractive attractions in Tateshina Town. However, the distance between some of them are relatively long and can be quite inconvenient to travel from A to B. Therefore, using the e-Bike is convenient. Visitors can move comfortably through the forest with ease and without worrying about time. The Tateshina e-Bike is called Sh’e raka-bike (シラカバイク). Let’s look at the detail and charm of Sh’e raka-bike!

What is e-Bike?

When someone hears electric bicycle, or e-Bike, the first image they imagine maybe an electric motorcycle or scooter. However, they actually look a bit different from imagination.  it is similar to a combination of a large-sized mountain bike and BMX with several electrical components to it like a motor, a battery, a controller and much more.

Special features of e-Bike

Even beginners can ride the e-Bike

e-Bike is also recommended for people who don’t usually ride bicycles. A stable body supports fun cycling.

Assist your cycling with an electric system

The electric-assist makes cycling in Tateshina Town comfortable and stress-free, even when getting up the slopes. making the rides an easy trip and is the best transportation to travel in Tateshina Town!

Built-in model course recommended by tourist information staff in GPS

Visitors can rent an original GPS Navigation. The GPS contains a built-in sightseeing route recommended by the tourist information staff.

These following courses are recommended by the tourist information center’s staff. Riders can look to a view “This is Venus Line!” “This is Nakasendo!”.

Nakasendo course Map
The Megami no Sato road station to SHirakab Kogen
Fujimidai chaya course (This is Venus Line course!)

GPS navigation also supports the following languages.

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Thai, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean.

Let’s rent a bicycle at the tourist information center

If you would like to rent an e-Bike, you can visit us at the Shinshu-Tateshina Sightseeing Information Center! Our friendly staff will be delighted to help you.

Rental StationShinshu-Tateshina Sightseeing Information Center
(一社)信州たてしな観光協会 事務所
Opening Hours9:00〜16:30
Rental Fee5,000 yen/ e-Bike
(The fee includes: e-Bike + Helmet + Key + Traffic safety insurance)
Rental GPS Navigation1 per group
ContactTEL 0267-55-6654 (Please call by the day before for any e-bike reservation)
※The tourist information center can take an email reservation in English.
Web sitee-Bike rental
Booking Sitehttps://sherakabike.com/

(If you want to start cycling by e-Bike from the center of town in Tateshina, you can rent the e-Bike at Megami no Sato road station. But you need to reserve.)

Access by Highway Bus from Tokyo

There is a direct bus from Shinjuku Basuta (9:00) to Tateshina Bokujo Ranch(13:14). The tourist information center is about 10-minute walk from the hotel. The bus is the best way to get to the tourist information center cheaply and easily.

The recommended itinerary for a harf day around town area in Tateshina town

Tsugane-Ji Temple

Tateshina trip starts from Tsugane-Ji Temple (津金寺). Tsugane-Ji Temple was established in 702. The grounds are a very quiet and calm atmosphere. The temple is located near the center of Tateshina town. If you choose to walk or travel using e-Bike, please avoid using national road 142, as this road can be very crowded is dangerous to walk or cycle. Visitors can choose to travel on the prefectural road 40 which is a traditional road.

The row of pine tree at Kasatori mountain pass


In 1604, Japan was Edo period (Samurai period), the second shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Hidetada Tokugawa, made the row of pine tree at Kasatori mountain pass (笠取峠のマツ並木). This place was a famous place in the past and was also drawn on famous Japanese paintings by Hiroshige Utagawa who was known as Ukiyo-E painter. The row of pine on the way is steep because it is in the middle of the pass, but you can go smoothly with e-Bike.

Ashida post town

Do you know “Post town”? Post town is called Japanese “Shukuba (宿場) which were post stations during the Edo period in Japan. Generally, post town was located on one of the Edo Five Routes or one of its sub-routes. 

Nakasendo (中山道)

The Nakasendo was one of the five ways of the Edo period (Samurai period). This road connected two important spots between Tokyo (Edo) to Kyoto in Japan. There were 69 post town (Shukuba, Station). Ashida juku post town and Motai juku post town was one of the Nakasendo’s post station.

There were two post town in Tateshina town. These towns retain the old Japanese streets. Ashida post town (芦田宿) is located in the center of Tateshina town. We recommend looking to the Honjin (本陣) which was an inn for government officials in the Edo period. Visitors can look to an excellent gate and field.

When visitors visited the Honjin and whall the Ashida post town, visitors should ride e-Bike or park your e-Bike at Tateshina Town Furusato (Hometown) Koryu (cultural exchange) Center (立科町ふるさと交流館) and explore.

Motai post town

Motai post town (茂田井宿) doesn’t become a sightseeing spot. So there are a few tourists. On the way longer than Ashida post town, there are lots of attractions such as old big traditional Japanese houses, cafes and Japanese sake brewery. It’s a great place for harmony between daily life and tradition.

Around plateau area in Tateshina town

Lunchtime -Soba Sensui-

We recommend you to try our local Soba noodles for lunch on the Tateshina trip. Soba (そば/蕎麦) famous for its local food in Japan, Especially in Nagano. Because Nagano’s climate is suitable for buckwheat (Soba) cultivation. In addition, it’s popular with people around the world.

Sensui (そば処 せんすい) is one of the most popular soba restaurants in Tateshina. Many people visit at noon. Sensui has good access to the tourist area and visitors can reach the Shinshu Tateshina Sightseeing Information Center or Lake Megami within 1 minute. Of course, soba is delicious. The taste that local people recommend.

Lake Megami

Lake Megami (女神湖) is one of the must-see attractions in the plateau area. There is a small path around the lake, so visitor can go around by e-Bike or walking. There is a Megamiko Center (女神湖センター) which is a complex facility with restaurants and shops. Visitor can enjoy a superb view and local foods.

Around Lake Shirakaba and Lake Shirakaba


Lake Shirakaba (白樺湖) is the most gathering sightseeing place in Tateshina town. There are family enjoy the park, some big hotel, several kinds of museums and much more.

If a visitor wants a simple and calm trip, it might be a little tiring. However, it is the best place to take a break of e-Bike trip. Because there is a convenience store (Resort LAWSON/リゾートローソン) and e-Bike stands where you can buy beverages and snacks.

Superb view and Sunset spots

If you want to see the nature and forests of the plateau area from the high altitude, Yuhinooka Park (夕日の丘公園) is the best spot. The park is registered as one of the best 100 beautiful sunset spot in Nagano prefecture. In the case, you go by e-Bike, you may feel a little tired because there is long uphill continues until the park.

Other recommended sightseeing spots and the things to enjoy Tateshina town

Around many soft-serve shops

There are many delicious soft-serve shops in Tateshina town. The reason there are so many delicious soft-serve shops is because there are many ranches. Fans come from all over the country looking for vanilla soft-serve and apple soft-serve with a smooth touch. Tourist information staff prepare the special GPS map which build-in many Tateshina soft serve’s shops. This route is also recommended when visitors want to eat many soft serves!

Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira FamilyLand

There is a big theme park “Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira FamilyLand (白樺リゾート池の平ファミリーランド)” near Lake Shirakaba. The amusement park all generations can enjoy. Children playing in the amusement park. Grandparents enjoying taking a walk or viewing the landscape. If you visit with children or Grandchild, Why not stopping by?

Points to be aware of when travelling in Tateshina

  • A lot of snowfalls in winter. Visitors are therefore not able to ride on e-Bike during the cold season. However, visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter season. because of this, we are strongly recommended you to pay a visit once every season.
  • e-Bike is just a bicycle. Rider may get a bit tired when riding up the steep and long hills. It is difficult to visit around the two areas Plateau area and Town area in just one day. Please stay and enjoy one day at a time.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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