What is Kabuto in Japan?

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As a traditional culture, Kabuto is famous in Japan. Japanese kabuto is famous for samurai(サムライ), an old Japanese soldier. Through this article, we’ll tell you Japanese kabuto about the origin and connection with samurai and kabuto.

Kabuto’s history and how to use and Kabuto meaning

The origin of kabuto is said to be born in Muromachi age(室町時代); therefore, the purpose of wearing kabuto was different from the usual way. In Muromachi age, people wore kabuto to protect from arrow because the main weapons in this age are bows.

In Southern and Northern Dynasties, they fought using swords named Katana(刀). So kabuto was made for protecting from katana.

Kabuto as a ceremony item – Tango no sekku

Tango no sekku(端午の節句) means May 5, a day for celebrating boys in Japan. And on May 5, Japanese families decotare kabuto in their homes. For samurai, kabuto was for protection from enemies; therefore, Japanese kabuto is a symbol for protection.

Thus, samurai had decorated kabuto to wish their children’s safety on May 5th, Tango no sekku.

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So many kinds of Kabuto

For samurai, kabuto was an armor to protect from arrow and sword but they present their character through designs and materials of kabuto. For example, Yukimura Sanada(真田幸村) weared pure red kabuto and armor attached with deer hone.
Usual kabuto and armor color is black but having used a red color, he expressed his character.

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Japanese kabuto Tattoo

Tattoo is cool and Japanese tattoo(刺青) is also cool. You wanna samurai spirit, it’s good to have kabuto tatto.

Red kabuto pouch

The pure red pouch is also good. If you give money to someone, it’s good to put money in this pouch. Someone given money will be happy when he sees a cool red pouch

Kabuto in Japan

Japanese Kabuto is a cool item even in the present day. Kabuto was useful in the old days but people use this Japanese coll helmet for the ceremony.

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