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Takato-joshi Park in Ina city, Nagano

Spring is the best cherry blossom season in Japan! Usually, a places where there are many cherry blossom trees, Cherry blossom festival is held. In this article, we introduce the 10 best spots for cherry blossoms in Nagano prefecture and recommended sakura festivals.

When is Nagano’s Cherry Blossom Season in 2020?

Nagano’s Cherry Blossom Season is early April to early May. Cherry blossoms tend to open earlier in places whose temperature is high. For example, in Matsumoto, the season is early to mid April, contrarily to Hakuba, late April to early May.

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Cherry blossom 2020 forecast by region of Nagano

In almost all places, Cherry Blossom Season is ten days earlier than usual. Nagano prefecture says cherry blossoms are to open on April 1st in 2020 in Nagano City. In Tenryukyo in Iida, the day cherry blossoms bloom will be March 21st and in Kaiko-En in Komoro, the day will be April 5th.  

When did Nagano’s cherry blossom appear in 2019?

In 2019 in Nagano City, cherry blossoms bloomed in 18th April, only a day earlier than usual. But in this year in Nagano Prefecture, cherry blossoms bloom about ten days earlier. 

BEST 10 Cherry Blossom Festival & Hanami Spots in Nagano

The below articles, I introduce the best 10 cherry blossom festival in Nagano!

Takato Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Takato castle was built by Shingen Takeda, who is one of the most famous Japanese military commander. There held Takato Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival in April. While the festival, we can enjoy seeing a clear panorama of cherry blossom while a day. At night, there is lightning up with a projector from about P.M.6:00 to P.M.10:00.

Mt. Kobo Tomb Cherry Blossom Hiking

Mt Kobo Tomb is believed to be the oldest tomb in eastern Japan. There are 4000 cherry blossoms and the entire hill is painted in pink. Behind Mt.Kobo, there is a dirt hiking trail and it takes about 45 minutes to walk. On the top, you will find a nice view.

The Cherry Blossoms Festival at Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle is famous for its block color and called “crow castle”.  While cherry blossoms are in bloom around Matsumoto Castle, you can see illuminated cherry trees. While the festival, performances of classical gagaku music is held and you can listen the tone of the Japanese Koto and the flute. 

Cherry Blossom Festival at Ruins of Komoro Castle

Komoro Castle is originally built in the late 1400s. The gate and stone walls only remain. At the ruins of Komoro Castle, Komoro Castle Kaiko-En Cherry Blossom Festival is held. During the festival, you can see gorgeous nighttime cherry blossoms illuminated by paper lanterns. Cosplaying is also welcomed and you can enjoy taking photos of people dressed up as anime and game characters. Around the garden, various events are held, such as matcha service.

Garyu Park Cherry Festival

Garyu is named by Garyuzann Mountain covered with pine trees which look like an oriental dragon lying down. There are 600 cherry blossoms in the Garyu Park. A pond is in the park and 150 cherry blossoms are around the pond and you can see the cherry blossoms reflected on the pond. In the park, Suzaka Zoo is there. The zoo holds unique events or exhibitions, such as night zoo or broadcasts of animals for a day on the Internet.

Nagano City Shiroyama Park Cherry Blossom

In Shiroyama Park in Nagano, there are 470 cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are both sides of a walking road in the park. When you walking on the street in the evening tonight, you can meet fantastic and oriental view which bonbori, Japanese paper lantern, makes.  And in the park, you can have a cherry blossom viewing party in the building called “Hanami Chaya” like stalls. You will have a good time without feeling cold. 

Ueda Castle Cherry Blossom Festival

Ueda Castle was owned by Yukimura Sanada, who is one of the most popular Japanese military commanders in Nagano and he is treated as the main cast in NHK period drama. There held Ueda Castle Cherry Blossom Festival. You can see the landscape of the castle with cherry blossoms. There are 1000 cherry blossoms called “Senbon-Zakura”.  During the festival, hundreds is in a costume of age of civil war and you may feel atmosphere of the age.  

Matsushiro Castle Ruins Cherry Blossom

In a short walk, you can get Matsushiro Castle from Matsushiro Station.  After Sanada Nobuyuki, whose brother is Yukimura Sanada, moved in the castle from Ueda Castle, ten generations of the Sanada family is there. There are no more than 100 cherry blossoms but they are harmonized with the castle and traditional Matsushiro cityscape into the fantastic landscape. During the festival, you can see dance, music and traditional performances. In the evening, cherry blossoms are lit up and are still visible.    

Hakuba Oide Park Cherry Blossom 

Oide park is a perfect place to see mountains and enjoy cherry blossoms in spring. In the park, there are a river and a small wooden bridge spanning the river. They match cherry blossoms and mountains. When you take a photo of this landscape, you will find several rustic buildings and blue sky make the landscape more fantastic! 

Rikugo Osen-kyo Cherry Blossom

In Osen-kyo Gorge, there are many cherry blossoms growing naturally in hills. The hills are botted with cherry blossoms and other trees so you can see green is dotted with pink! The scenery is conserved by people living in a area. Near Osen-kyo Gorge, Village of Dreams is there and you can see cherry blossoms and rape blossoms. Pink is harmonized with yellow there.

Which are the best Nagano cherry blossom tours?

Today, I introduced a cherry blossom forecast and 10 cherry blossom spots. Do you find a fascinating spot? In Nagano Prefecture, there are many good places to visit in spring. If you are interested in Nagano, I recommend you this!


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The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

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