Children’s Day in Japan-Koinobori, Activities, and Festival!-

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In the world, the events regarding of children are held. In Japan, the event called children’s day. The children’s day is one of Japan’s national holidays. On the 5th of May, children are celebrated for their sound growth. Today, I will introduce of the children’s day clearly.

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Tango no Sekku and Children’s day

Originally, Children’s day was called “Tango no Sekku”, and celebrated boy’s day. However, after World War 2, the situation was changed, and nowadays we celebrate children’s growth of both girls and boys. It was from 1948.

“Tango no Sekku” came from China the same as “Hinamatsuri”. Children’s day is known as a day to thank the healthy growth of children and mothers. 

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Japanese Kabuto in Children’s day

Moreover, people display ornament helmets and weapons called “Kabuto” and “Yoroi”. They are symbols of strength and vitality. Thus, I wish that we pray for saving children lives of disasters is put.

And the figure called Gogatsu Ningyo is a model of Kintaro who is a famous strong character in the old tail. There, I also wish that children will grow up like Kintaro in the future is put.

Koinobori (Carp streamer) in Children’s day

And also many people raise the carp-shaped streamers called Koinobori. The color of black carp represents the father and red represents the mother, and blue carp streamers represent the child.

The shape is a symbol of being a successful life. We also eat “Kashiwa mochi”, which is a kind of mochi and whose meaning is that the family line doesn’t fail.

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Event of Children’s day in Japan

Tokyo, Skiy tree

Here, I will pick up three spots regarding of children’s festival to see Koinobori.

The first one is in Tokyo Sky Tree, where every year in the spring season you can see about 1,500 Koinobori.

The second one is in Tokyo Midtown, where you can enter through the long Koinobori whose length is about 25 meters. And you can enjoy making original Koinobori by yourselves from 700 yen (small size).

The third one is in Tokyo Tower, named after the length of tower, 333m, 333 Koinobori are hung up every year from the end of March to the fifth of May.


Visiting Japan while Children’s day

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