The Best 10 Things To Do in Nagano In Spring

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There are many flowers in Nagano in spring. We can see the spring of Nagano with the superb view of The Japan Alps and rivers. In this article, we introduce best 7 sightseeing places from the perspective of local residents of Nagano prefecture.

Matsumoto-jo Castle: The night cherry blossoms

Matsumoto-jo Castle is a Japanese-style castle built about 400 years ago. You can take beautiful pictures, Matsumoto-jo Castle, with cherry blossoms and the Northern Alps.

Takato Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Takato-joshi Park in Ina city, Nagano

Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Takato Castle Park every spring. This Park’s cherry blossom is chosen as the best 3 beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan! Visitors can experience to look at a lot of cherry blossoms and many historical monuments.

Walking Obuse Town

Obuse town is in the north part of Nagano. It is known for sightseeing spots having a nice cafe and sweets shops, historical temples and cultural museums. Especially Katsushika Hokusai, who is the famous Ukiyo-E Painter, Museum is got attention in the world.

Yuki-no-otani: Snow wall walk in Kurobe-Dam(4/15~6/22)

Kurobe dam(黒部ダム) is located at the foot of Nagano and Toyama. We can walk the 20-meter “Yuki-no-Otani” or Snow wall in spring. By the way, we can see water discharge in the summer.

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Nakasendo Magome to Tsumago Trail Hiking in Japan

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

Nakasendo is a popular spot for sightseeing in Japan these days. A few days before, this was picked up in Lovely Planet which is fascinating travelers all over the world. In the winter season, it is difficult to walk in the mountain. However, from the spring season, visitors can enjoy walking trail from Magome to Tsumago in the forest.

Apricot blossoms viewing picnic

The northern Nagano is famous for its delicious apricot. Apricot blossoms bloom in early April and can be viewed with the Northern Alps. Chikuma City(Northrn Nagano) known as Apricot Village or Anzu-no-sato(あんずの里). Let’s enjoy the picnic while watching the flowers!!

Tour of cherry blossoms in the Southern Nagano

Cherry blossoms are the feature of spring in Japan. Especially in Iida City(Southern Nagano), has the precious cherry blossoms at temples. The cherry blossoms that bloom in a flock are also beautiful, but one single tree’s blossoms are also tasteful. These are called “Ippon Zakura(一本桜)“, and their trees are carefully preserved.

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Hanamomo peach blossoms

Hanamomo(花桃) is known as ornamental peach blossoms. The best time to see in late April to early May, there are thousands of flowering Hanamomo trees. The areas of Nagano famous for Hanamomo are Achi village and Ueda city.

Nanohana blossoms

In spring, the plateau is covered with yellow Nanohana blossoms. The areas of Nagano famous for Nanohana are Iiyama city(Nanohana Park) and Omachi city(Nakayama plateau).

Obasute terraced rice-fields

Rice fields filled with water are traditional Japanese spring landscape. The area around Obasute station in Chikuma city is also famous for its night scene and beautiful moon. The history goes back to about 1,200 years ago, and many historical great people compose a tanka.

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Nagano in the spring is full of beautiful scenery. I recommend it people who like to take pictures. If you more information about Nagano trip, please read the below articles!


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The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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