Best 7 Must visit Japan Spring Festival near Tokyo

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In the spring season, Japan becomes famous for cherry blossoms. Today, I will introduce the best 7 spots to see cherry blossoms and enjoy while a day in Tokyo. Many shrines celebrate the spring with cherry blossoms.

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Takato Castle Park Festival


From first of April, Takato Castle Park Festival starts with cherry blossoms in Nagano. Here is one of the most famous spots to watch cherry blossoms in Japan. In the Meiji period, local people changed desolate land of the park into the park having many cherry blossoms. This is said to be the time starting the festival.

Sanno Matsuri

Sanno Matsuri alternates with Kanda Matsuri, and it adds a number of years. It is held in the middle of June. Hie shrine is the mainshrine in this event. This festival started from the Edo period, so it is related to the buildings during the Edo period.

Sanja Matsuri (三社祭)

Sanja Matsuri is held at the Asakusa shrine every third Sunday of May, and it lasts through three days.This festival started in honor of the three men called Hinokuma Hamanari, Hinokuma Takenari, and Hajino Manakachi who established Sen-soji (Asakusa shrine).

Ueno Sakura Matsuri (上野桜祭り)

Please don’t forget about cherry blossoms. In the end of March, Ueno Sakura Festival takes place in Ueno Park. Here is the best spot to watch cherry blossoms which lined up in the park. And also at night, thanking of displaying lights, you can see cherry blossoms at night.

Kanda Matsuri (神田祭)

Kanda Matsuri is one of the three famous Shinto festivals in Tokyo. It is held in the middle of May on Saturday and Sunday. In central Tokyo on Saturday, many visitors gather to see the parades of about 100 mikoshi such as a portable shrine.

Kurayami Matsuri (暗闇祭り)

Kurayami Matsuri is one of the oldest festivals in Japan. Kurayami means Darkness, and in Okunitama shrine, it is held almost from the end of April every year.This festival features portable shrines carried in the darkness.

Ueda Castle Ruin Festival

ueda castle

In Ueda Castle Ruin Festival, in Ueda, Nagano, about 1,000 trees of cherry blossoms are open.fully. You can enjoy seeing the landscape of the castle with cherry blossoms and the landscape of the river around the castle reflation by cherry blossoms. Moreover, during the festival. some events are held.

Best 7 must visit Japan Spring Festival near Tokyo

Takato-joshi Park in Ina city, Nagano

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Northern Alps in Nagano


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