What is Purple Picking in Japan?-Best season, Famous farm-

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While Fruit picking is not known to foreign people, this is a popular activity in Japan for adults and also children. In this article, I’ll tell you a recommended season of fruit picking, especially about purple picking.

What is Purple Picking?

When you do purple picking, you can pick purple directly from trees in a big garden. There are 2 kinds of system in a purple picking. First, you can eat purple right away after picking them up. Second, you can’t eat them in a garden; however, you can bring them back to home if you pay money according to the weight of purples.

The purple you pick from trees is more delicious than the one sold in a supermarket because they are not ripe, so it’s possible to enjoy more delicious fruits.

Season of Purple Picking

The best season to enjoy purple picking is from August to September. It’s also possible to eat purple in July and October but they are not ripe, so you should go in August and  September.

Temperatures are, of course, different from each area. That’s why you may not enjoy purple picking in late July and early October, be careful. So you have to check a garden where you’ll visit is available or not. 

How to enjoy Purple Picking?


There are 2 price systems. First, you pay an entrance fee and you can eat purples unless you are not full. In brief, this system is all-you-can-eat. Second, you pick purple from trees and put them in a basket. According to the weight or number of purples, you pay money which is different from farms and bring back to home.

And also about recommended item to enjoy purple picking, there are 3 items.

  • Sunscreens; you will pick up purples outside with strong sunlight.
  • Clothes, shoes; it’s good to wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Wet tissue; to wipe your hands after eating purples.

The best famous Purple Picking farm near Tokyo

We pick-up 3 purple picking farm near Tokyo.

Asunara garden(あすなろ園) in Yamanashi

There are about 21 kinds of purple and so many all-you-can-eat plans. You can eat purples only for 800 yen and children(3~5 old years) can enjoy surprisingly in one coin, 500 yen.

Access: 1.5 hours by train

Schedule: early July to mid November

Ogiwara fruits garden in Yamanashi

There are 5 plans, so you can choose a plan according to your situation. The fee of adults is 1,400 yen and one of children is 700 yen. And this system is all-you-can-eat.

Access: 2 hours by train

Schedule: early August to late September

Fumonji sightseeing garden in Nagano

You can enjoy ordinary purples for 630 yen. If you want to eat high-grade purples, you can enjoy them for  2160 yen in high-grade plan which needs an appointment.

And this garden’s purple picking system is an all-you-can-eat!

Access: 2 hours by train

Schedule: mid-August to late October

Let’s Enjoy Purple Picking in Japan!


In this article, I told you a  purple picking. And you can enjoy various fruits picking in Japan. If you know more about a fruits picking, read the below articles!


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