Hinamatsuri -Japanese Doll Festival in March-

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Have you ever heard of Hinamatsuri? It is known as Girl’s festival in Japan. I am also celebrated when I was childhood. There, they pray and celebrate the sound growth of girls in the family. Today, I will talk about this event clearly.

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What is hinamatsuri? When? What mean? Hinamatsuri History

Hinamatsuri is held on the 3rd of March in the spring season. A long time before, they play the growth of girls there, and they display a set of dolls. Hinamatsuri dolls sacrifice to save girls of disasters. It became popular during the Edo period and came from cultures that they throw dolls in the river to pray for the growth in China.

These dolls are usually displayed from the middle of February to the end of festival. In the Hinamatsuri event, they also eat “Chirashi-zushi” which is a kind of sushi and “Hina-arare” which is a rice cracker.

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Hinamatsuri Dolls (Hinaningyo)


Moreover, Hinamatsuri dolls have some meanings. The usual set of dolls are displayed in the seventh stage. The main characters are the emperor and the empress, and they are sitting on the most top stage. And three court ladies and five court musicians are sitting on the 4th and 5th floor.

Other characters such as the minister of the left, the minister of the right and three servants are setting. Most families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-Ningyo.

Best 3 Famous Hinamatsuri Festival in Japan

I pick up three spots of the famous Hinamatsuri Festival in Japan.

6,000 dolls at Suzaka Art Park

The first one is in Nagano, there is a festival where about 6,000 dolls are displayed in Suzaka Art Park. It is open from 1/18 to 4/19. I recommend you to visit there to experience a big scale. If you know more information, please check the below site.

Hinamatsuri dolls are setting on the 100th stage in Tohoku

The second one is in Tokyo, their Hinamatsuri dolls are setting on the 100th stage, so it looks very long rail. This year, as a theme of Aomori, Akita, and Yamagata which are places in Tohoku area. It is open from 1/18 to 3/10. You can buy tickets for 1,500 yen.

Hinamatsuri where humans play as dolls in Kyoto

The third one is Hinamatsuri where humans play as dolls, so it looks very interesting. It is held on the 3rd of March, in Kyoto. You can see it for 1,000yen from P.M. 1:00 to P.M. 4:00.

Experience the culture of Hinamatsuri

I wish you could know about this event very well after reading this site. If you know more information about Hinamatsuri, and other Japanese culture events, please visit the below site. And you can also know about traveling in Japan in these other sites.



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