What is Apple Picking in Japan? -Season, Famous Farm-

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Do you know fruits picking? Fruits picking, which is a tour you can pick up fruits from trees in a garden, is a popular activity in Japan. In this article, I tell you a good season and recommended location of apple picking.

What is Apple Picking?

You can eat apples just after picking them from apple trees in gardens. Apples are, of course, delicious even when we eat them in home. However, they are more delicious when you eat them right away after picking them from trees.

Season of Apple Picking

Apple picking season is from late September to early December. You can eat apples in these season; however, the best season to enjoy apples are October and November since apples made in these month are the most delicious.

Temperatures are, of course, different from each area. That’s why you may not enjoy apple picking in late September and early December, be careful.So you have to check a garden where you’ll visit is available or not. 

How to enjoy Apple Picking ?

The systems of apple picking are 2 kinds, which are plan of all-you-can-eat and just picking with entrance fee and buying apples you pick from trees to eat them. In former plan, you can eat apples in garden with time limits. And in later  plan, you should buy apples which you pick up from trees and it’s not allowed to eat in a garden.

And also about recommended items, it’s good to take the below items.

  • Sunscreens; you”ll pick up apples outside with strong sunlight.
  • Clothes, shoes; it’s good to wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

The best famous Apple Picking farm near Tokyo

Minakami fruits land mogitore(みなかみフルーツランドモギトーレ), Gunma

You can enjoy 3 activities,  picking, sweats made from many kinds of fruits, BBQ in a big area, 650 hundreds m2.

Access: 1.5 hours by train

Entrance fee : 600 yen, you can eat apples right away in 30 minutes. If you eat sweets, you need more 600 yen.

Matsui farmer(松井農園), Nagano

In this garden, there are more than 2000 apple trees and 20 kinds of apples, so 500 people can enjoy apple picking.

Access: 1.5 hours by train

Entrance fee : 800 yen, you can eat apples right away in the garden. And you can bring back apples if you pay money.

Marue shitsheeing fruits land(まるえ観光果樹園), Fukushima

You can enjoy apples; moreover, there are many fruits, grape, peach,papule. 

Access: 2 hours by train

Entrance fee : 500 yen and 700 yen in holiday

Let’s Enjoy Apple Picking in Japan!

nakasendo 中山道

Apple picking is a Japanese culture and there are many kinds of fruits picking, pears, peaches, and grapes. You know more about it? Then please read the below articles.


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