The Best Guide of Autumn in Japan

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In this article, I tell you good information about Japanese autumn. Many people have visited Japan in autumn to enjoy a beautiful view of autumn leaves. And also you can enjoy delicious food. Actually, Japanese autumn is called “The season for appetite”. Please read this article and be interested in Japanese autumn!

Autumn in Japan is September to November

The average temperature in Japan from September to November is indicated in the below table about high and low temperatures.


In autumn, especially in September, there are many typhoons in Japan. Due to a typhoon, the weather is not good; therefore it’s good to take an umbrella but don’t mind about seeing autumn leaves. Although weather in September is not good, the best season to see autumn leaves is from mid-October to mid-November because there are only a few typhoons.

And also about a Japanese holiday, there is a long holiday called “Silver week” which is 3~5 days in late September. Many Japanese go out in a silver week; as a result, you shouldn’t travel in this holiday to avoid crowds.

You can enjoy autumn leaves and also delicious foods. Autumn is a best season of purple, pear, sermon and “matsutake mushroom” which is a Japanese high grade mashroom used for Japanese traditional meals. 

The best season to enjoy Japan autumn is late October or early November because of the weather and temperature, so please come in November.

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What to Wear in Autumn in Japan

It’s good to have a coat or cardigan when you travel Japan in October and November. The temperature in daytime is warmer but the one in night is cold, which is below 10℃ in night. 

In contrast, you don’t have to have coat in September. The items you should take are parker or light jacket. Although the temperature in September is warmer, coat is necessary if you go to Sapporo, Hokkaido,which is colder area located in the north area of Japan.

And also about shoes, it’s good to wear sneakers or rain shoes because typhoons are coming in September and you may climb a mountain to see beautiful autumn leaves.

What to Bring in Autumn in Japan

I’ll introduce items that are necessary for traveling Japan in autumn. First, an umbrella or raincoat is needed because typhoons can easily occur and there are many rainy days in autumn.

In addition, it’s good to have a jacket because the temperature is not high and due to air conditioner, the indoor temperature is higher, so you should have the jacket which is easy for wearing and taking off. 

You may go out for seeing autumn leaves and doing activities by bus or train, so a prepaid e-money card for moving around and shopping is recommended. Using this card, you don’t have to pick up money from your wallet. In other words, it’s not necessary to count how much the fee is. You can buy a prepaid e-money in a shop for stations.

If you go seeing autumn leaves, the below 3 items are useful.

  • scarf
  • shoes which you don’t care about cleanness
  • sunscreen

You may go to a mountain to see autumn leaves, which is cold at the mountain. So the scarf is recommended to protect from coldness. And also you must have shoes which you don’t care about cleanness when you go to a mountain so that you can easily walk around. 

When you enjoy outdoor activities, you may care about sunlight, so it’s good to have sunscreen although you don’t have to bring one from your country since you can buy one in Japan.

In addition to autumn leaves, you can enjoy fruit picking. Fruits picking is an activity to pick fruits in a fruit garden. When you go fruits picking, the upper 3 items are also recommended.

Should Visit Destinations in Autumn in Japan

Nagano Karuizawa

Nagano is Japanese prefecture which is located in the left side of Japan. And you can go to Karuizawa in 1 hour from Tokyo by train. There are so many instagenic places such as Tariasen, Mikasa hotel and Karuizawa shopping plaza. Such places has autumn leaves trees, so you can enjoy watching autumn leaves.

And the scenery of Karuizawa is historical; therefore, you’ll enjoy Japanese traditional atmosphere. The good season to enjoy Karuizawa is from mid-October to early November because you can enjoy autumn leaves and its colder in late November.



Kyoto is a Japanese prefecture, which is located in the left side and it takes 3 hours by bullet train, shinkansen. So its difficult to enjoy Tokyo and Kyoto because of the distance. 

In Kyoto, there are so many traditional Japanese buildings, Kiyomizu temple, Fushimi inari and five-tiered tower. The view of autumn leaves with these traditional building is very beautiful, which is why I recommend Kyoto trip.

To enjoy Kyoto autumn leaves, a good season is from early November to early December and you should watch autumn leaves in a night because lighted up leaves with traditional buildings are very beautiful.

Nagano Kiso

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

Kiso town is located in the south area of Nagano prefecture, which you can go in 1.5 hours from Nagano station by train. The view of autumn leaves from Kuzoutouge(九蔵峠) located in Kaidakougen(開田高原) where this place is famous for a good view.

You can see Ontake mountain(御嶽山) which is 3,067 height. The view of autumn leaves with Ontake mountain is beautiful. From late october to mid November, watching autumn leaves is available.  


Kochi is a prefecture of left side in Japan. The good place to enjoy autumn leaves is ”Befukyou”. In  Befukyou, there is a red bridge located in a mountain with autumn leaves. And you can enjoy taking a hot spring. When you go to Kochi, please enjoy hot spring after watching autumn leaves. The recommended season is in November.

Nagano Senjojiki Cirque

Senjoujiki Cirque in Komagane city, Nagano

Cirque is an area which is a shape of a bowl. In Senjojiki cirque located in the south area in Nagano, there is a ropeway to watch autumn leaves. The surface of ground is shining gold because of a sunlight with autumn leaves from viewing of ropeway. You can enjoy from mid-October to late October.

Nagano Togakushi

Kagami pond in Togakushi, nagano

Togakushi village located in the south area of north area in Nagano. A famous place to enjoy autumn leaves is a “Kagami pond(鏡池)”. Kagami means a mirror in english, so it reflects autumn leaves with blue sky, which is very beautiful view.

You can go only on a bus on holiday and it costs 1 hour by train from Nagano station. You have to walk to reach Kagami pond in 40 minutes after getting off a bus. A good season to enjoy autumn leaves is from mid-October to early November.

The Best Guide of Autumn in Japan

Japanese autumn is a good season for foreign people to enjoy a beautiful view and delicious food such as fruits, mushroom, and Japanese traditional foods. Please come to Japan in Autumn. In the below article, we”ll tell more useful information for a good Japan trip.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


”NAGANO TRIP” is sightseeing contents site to offer tourist information about Nagano prefecture in Japan. People who are interested in Nagano can learn and know about sightseeing contents before visit Nagano. In addition, visitor can learn and enjoy while traveling and after the trip.

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