Guide to Enjoy Yakitori Restaurants in Japan

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焼き鳥 yakitori

Do you know yakitori? It is chicken meat grilled on skewers in bite-sized pieces. When we eat they, we eat with some sauce called tare. It is a delicious dish in Japan. Why don’t you try it? Today, I introduce yakitori clearly. After you read it, I suggest you to come to izakaya to order yakitori.

The history of Yakitori, What is Yakitori?

It is said that Yakitori was born during the middle of Edo period. From the Meiji period, the shop of yakitori was started, and then shops had a number of kinds of yakitori such as heart of chicken. Yakitori became the public dish, after the war in Japan.

Yakitori needs the way to cook over the charcoal. The  smell of the charcoal makes us eat yakitori more delicious. As I explain the history, many parts of the chicken are used to make yakitori. For example, chicken wings, liver are known.

How to eat Yakitori? What types of menu are there Yakitori?

The way to eat yakitori is easy because you could eat without chopsticks. When you come to Japan at first or eat Japanese food, you have thought that the way to use chopsticks is difficult, haven’t you? For yakitori, you could eat it originally by hand.

In the case of that you are vegetarian, you could order a vegetable menu of yakitori, and also there is a vegetable menu in Yakitori shops, such as eggplant, tomatoes. Sometimes, Kushi with yakitori becomes scareceful, so please watch out.

Where to Eat Yakitori? Yakitori Chain Restaurants and Local Spot

You could eat yakitori somewhere such as izakaya shops:やきとり大吉, 鳥貴族. And also, you could try yakitori in the festival, there are some outside shops selling yakitori. If you want to buy yakitori cheaply than usual, you have better buy in supermarkets, afternoon you could usually buy yakitori from about 100 yen.

Nagano’s best Yakitori “Oidare” in Ueda city

Yakitori has different styles depending on areas. In Nagano, there is Oidare which is the original sauce in Ueda, the north part of Nagano near to Niigata and Gunma. It is made of soy sauce and garlic. In izakaya where yakitori is sold with Oidare, you could try the sauce every time you want. If you come to Ueda, Nagano, I suggest you try it.

Experience to eat Yakitori is fun!

焼き鳥 yakitori

Why don’t you try to eat yakitori? Yakitori is delicious Japanese food. You could try it when you come to Japan. If you want to more about Japanese food, please visit the blow site.


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Northern Alps in Nagano


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