Vegetarian Food and Dishes in Japan

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It may be difficult to find dish for vegetarians in Japan because most of Japanese people can eat everything except for vegetables such as fish and meat. Here, I introduce Japanese food for whoever are vegetarians. If you want to know more about restaurants which offer food for vegetarians in Japan, please visit this site.

Japanese Food and Dishes are Healthy But…

Although Japanese food looks so healthy, there is a few vegetarian foods in Japan. This is because there are few religious regulations and rules for eating food in Japan. And then, there are few restaurants and shops for vegetarians in Japan.

Therefore, if you are going to travel to Japan and you are vegetarian, you have better check information about Japanese food beforehand. And also, you should understand about Japanese food which vegetarians can eat.

Vegetarian can eat foods and Dishes

Pickles / Tsukemono

One of Japanese food vegetarians can eat is Tsukemono, which is similar to Pikurus in your country. Tsukemono is made of vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and cabbage, and also it is made with vinegar. You could eat it for a long time since it was made, so it has been loved everywhere in Japan. Therefore, depending on kinds of areas, the taste is different, so you could the differences.


As you may know, Tofu is known as a vegetarian food all over the world. In Japan, people eat as Yudouhu, which is made in pot soup. Yu Dohu was famous in Kyoto a long time before, and now it is loved also in Tokyo and the world. Why don’t you try of it?

Vegetable Tempura

Tempura is famous among foreign travelers in Japan. Of course, tempura is made of meat and fish, but while there is also vegetable tempura in Japan. Vegetable tempura is often made of pumpkin, carrots, and eggplants. They are more sweet than the usual tastes of vegetables by frying.

Vegetarian Sushi

Do you know there is vegetarian sushi in Japan? There are many vegetarian sushi about makizushi such as kappa maki(cucumber rolls), natto-maki (fermented soybean rolls), avocado rolls, shiitake mushroom rolls, and oshinko (pickled Japanese radish) rolls.  You could eat them also in conveyor belt sushi shops.

Hot Pots and Soups (Nabe)

Hot pots could also be enjoyed by vegetarian people. There is a kind of hot pots which are made just made of vegetables. And also the soup called dashi is made from vegetables. Especially, miso soup comes from soybeans.


Mochi means rice cakes, and made of rice. Vegetarian can eat it. There are many kind of ways for eating mochi. You could eat it by frying and cook and also putting with anko and soy sauce. In Japan, many people usually eat it in the winter seasons, but foreign travelers could eat it every season.



Soba is a kind of Japanese noodle foods which is made of Sobalo. SObalo comes from vegetables which can be grown near to clearwater. And also, tsuyu, with which you eat soba is made of vegetables. Moreover, spices for soba such as wasabi are also vegetables.

Vegetable Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is based of flours and cabbage, and other vegetables. Although okonomiyaki includes meat and fish, except for them, also vegetarians could enjoy eating. The sauce comes from vegetables, so you need not worry about this. 



Oyaki looks like manju whose styles are sphere and inside there are food materials. there are a numer kinds of oaki such as pumpkin, kiriboshi daikon, and anko. you could enjoy eating is as dish and sweets.

Vegetable Kushiage

Kushikatsu is a popular food in Japan, especcially in Kansai area. Kushikatsu is as same as yakitori, and there are many kind so vegetarian kushikatsu such as tomato, potato, and onion. Onion Kushikatsu taste looks like fried onion, so you could eat without resistance.

Japanese Vegetarian Dishes are Delicious

Also in Japan, vegetarian could enjoy eating Japanese food. If you want to more about Japanese food except for vegetarian food, please visit the below site.


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