The best day trip in Kochi city in Japan

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Kochi city is a tourist destination with many attractive places in one day. Today I introduce my travel schedule day trip in Kochi city. Basically I used a bus in Kochi and an airplane from Tokyo to Kochi. This is the best plan that covers most of Kochi city’s famous sightseeing spots. Please refer to it!

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Access from Tokyo to Kochi -Narita Airport to Kochi Ryoma Airport-

Kochi’s travel started from Kochi Ryoma Airport where is connected with Narita Airport for 2 hours. You should buy the necessary goods at Narita Airport because Kochi Ryoma Airport is a small size airport.

Kochi is hotter than Tokyo

I stood firstly in Kochi, felt hotter 3~5 temperature than Tokyo. I felt after sightseeing the first day, nights were as warm as Tokyo during the day. You will not need to bring a thick coat to Kochi.

Buying Kochi City Tourist Bus (MY-YU BUS) at First floor at airport

The cheapest and easiest way to get around Kochi is by bus. If you have a MY-YU Bus ticket, you can move on for the rest of the trip for 1,000 yen. You should buy the ticket at first floor! (But can not use from Kochi Ryoma Airport to katsurahama)

Katsurahama Beach

Katsurahama Beach is one of the most scenic spots in all of Kochi. Known since ancient times as a popular place to view the moon. Katsurahama has a different attractive atmosphere to the sea of Cape Ashizuri. The pine trees, cliffs, and the sea are collaborations that look like Japan.

Access from Kochi Ryoma Airport to Katsurahama Beach

Actually, It is not good accessible from Kochi Ryoma Airport to Katsurahama. So If your group over 3 people, Taxi is cheaper than Bus and Train. Even two people can go for 2000 yen per person. The bus is cheaper but taxis are safe because there are transfers. Japanese taxis never go crazy.

Top of the cliff, there is a bronze symbol of Ryoma Sakamoto who is a hero of Kochi. Ryoma Sakamoto was a Japanese samurai and influential figure of the Bakumatsu and the establishment of the Empire of Japan in the late Edo period. Many Japanese people like his life and story!

Chikurinji Temple

After Katsurahama, I visited Chikurinji Temple. Chikurinji Temple is a major Buddhist temple in Kochi featuring extensive grounds and numerous National Treasures. It is the 31st temple on the famous Shikoku Pilgrimage but is also popular with many other visitors. The red five-storied pagoda is the instagrammble spot!

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Chikurinji Temple is moved by bus from Katsurahama!

Chikurinji Temple is moved by bus from Katsurahama! At that time you can use MY-YU Bus ticket. Taking this bus! You can download the timetable of My YU Bus this.

Kochi Castle

I moved main city center by car from Chikurinji Temple. Kochi Castle is one of just twelve Japanese castles to have survived the fires, wars and other catastrophes of the post-feudal period. Kochi Castle is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Kochi. If you visit by car, there are few parking lots around Kochi Castle, you should check closely.

Kochi Castle is moved by bus from Chikurinji Teimple!

Kochi Castle is moved by bus from Katsurahama! At that time you can use MY-YU Bus ticket. Taking this bus! You can download the timetable of My YU Bus this.

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Buying souvenirs -Kochi Tabi Hiroba (Kochi Travel Plaza)-

Near Kochi castle, Kochi Tabi Hiroba is one of the biggest souvenir shops in Kochi. Tabi Hiroba is located in Kochi Station so you should buy souvenirs here or Kochi Ryoma Airport at the end of your journey. This facility is a new building and visitors can experience much attraction. Not only adults but also children can enjoy during you buy many souvenirs.

Eating local foods(Bonito) -Hirome Market-

At the end of the Kochi trip, I ate local foods in Kochi, For example, Seared Skipjack Tuna slices and Local Japanese Alcohol Sake. You can experience Japanese Izakaya culture at Hirome Market. At Izakaya, guests can order different dishes on small plates and drinking some types of Alcohol. The Hirome Market, where many locals and tourists gather, is an indispensable place.

You can walk from Kochi castle and Kochi station to Hirome Market. If you buy many souvenirs before Hirome Market, I recommend using a coin locker at Kochi station.

Need take a cash!

Almost restaurants can not be used a Credit card. You must prepare for cash.

Kochi station to Kochi Ryoma Airtport by Bus at JR Kochi Station (North Exit Bus Terminal No. 6)

At the end of the day trip, you can move from Kochi Station to Kochi Ryoma Airport by airport shuttle bus. 740 yen, 25 minutes to the airport. Paypay can also be used. Bus stop at JR Kochi Station (North Exit Bus Terminal No. 6)

The best day trip in Kochi city!

At this time, I visited mainly popular sightseeing places in Kochi city! Recently the number of foreign tourists in Kochi city, they want to eat and buy seafood and experience historical places. If you historical places and 2 days trip like this article, please the below articles!

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The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

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