The Best Guide Each Season and Month in Japan Travel

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Japan is a country with a clear season in the world. Landscapes and temperatures are completely different depending on the season and month. This article describes the features and clothes each season. Please refer to it!

Seasons in Japan-Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn-

In Japan, there are four seasons as winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The winter season starts from December to February. And also, in the season, depending on areas such as Hokkaido, it usually snows, and you could enjoy the beautiful scenery with snow.

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After that, the spring is coming from March. It gets hotter and the cherry blossoms are opening by May.

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When the spring season finishes, the summer is coming between June and August, and it is the hottest season among the other four seasons.

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Especially, in June it usually rains while a day, so I suggest you to avoid this month to travel to Japan. The temperature is going over 30°, most of the people are going to a sea and swimming pool to make themselves colder.

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After the hottest season, it is getting colder to around 15°, the season name is autumn between September and November. The green leaves are getting to red or yellow, and get dead and fell down. After all, the winter is coming around December.

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Tips of Season and Month in Japan

Japan is island shape and long from the south to the north, so the temperature and season are very different depending on the areas.

For example, in the summer, Hokkaido’s temperature is going up around 15°, while in Okinawa, the temperature is higher than Hokkaido because Okinawa is located in the south area. So if you are traveling while an area in Japan, you should prepare every kind of clothes such as long thrives and short shirts.

And in Tokyo, the temperature between outside and inside is very different, so it may be difficult to adjust body temperature. What I suggest you who are such as that is jackets easy to get off and on.

Moreover, the temperature is different between night and day time, especially near the mountain. In Nagano where are around mountains, in the winter 10° is different between night and daytime, so I suggest you bring jackets with you.

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January in Japan

In Tokyo, in the winter, it tends to be warmer than other locations such as Hokkaido and Nagano. One time while a year it snows, but the snow doesn’t pile up. The usual clothing style in the season is long pants and long thrive shirts, and they always wear down jackets made by wools.

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February in Japan

In Okinawa, it starts to get warmer and hotter. They sometimes can take into the ocean. In Kansai areas such as Kyoto and Osaka, it is snowing near the mountains. And also in Nagano, Niigata, the area is getting popular for playing snow sports. Every year, from all over the world, travelers are coming to go skiing.

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March in Japan

In March, the cherry blossoms are opening. And in Tokyo, the strong wind is blowing, so the hats are easy to fell down, so I suggest not taking on hats. The blowing wind is changing cold wind to hot wind, it is said to be able to know when the spring warmer season is coming by the situations how the wind is blowing..

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April in Japan

In April, the sunshine is getting strong, so if you don’t like to save your skins from that, you should put on sunshine cut cream. The cherry blossoms are falling down, so I suggest you to go to see cherry blossoms on the top of April.

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May in Japan

In April、the temperature is getting higher than in April. However, the temperature between night and daytime is very different. I suggest you the fashion code mixed fashion for both cold season and hot season. Suddenly, it rains, so you should take umbrellas with you.

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June in Japan

Depending on the years, the temperature and weather are very different, but on the top of June, it is keeping to rain. So the fine days are few, and the dark days are keeping. And also, the moisture percentage is the highest among other seasons. You should watch out no to make mody.


July in Japan

In July, the rainy season finishes, and the sunny day is more than June. The high temperature is keeping. Moreover, the ocean is opening for swimmers, and many travelers are going swimming.

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August in Japan

August is said to be higher than the other four seasons. Some people are wearing a tank top and very short thrive shirts. It is too hot for them to sleep well in the night, the situation and season are keeping, and the season is called tropical night when the temperature does not fall below 25°C outdoors. It needs to turn on air conditioners during the night.

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September in Japan

In September,   the typhoon season is coming. Japanese typhoons originate near the Philippines, towards the equator where the water is warm.  This season, It is approaching Japan. When the typhoon is coming, the weather is getting worth, the strong wind is blowing and keeping rainy days. So you should approach the sea area because the sea wave is changing to a dangerous situation.

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October in Japan

When the typhoon season is finished, October, the season making leaves color change is coming. And also, the outside temperature is getting lower. You should wear clothes which make you warmer. And October is said to be the best season for hiking in the mountains, you could enjoy it in Japan. One of the popular autumn color spots in Japan is Kyoto. Why don’t you try to visit Kyoto to see the forests change colors?

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November in Japan

November is a similar season to October. But, the temperature is a little lower than October. Like October, November is the good season to travel in Japan and play sports outside. At night, the temperature is getting down than I thought, so be careful about changing climate.

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December in Japan

In December, the cold climate is keeping, and gloves for winter and down jackets are needed. In this case, you have better bring disposable hot packs because also inside such as at home is cold a same as outside.

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The Best Guide Each Season and Month in Japan Travel

Finally, this column is written based on my experiences that I lived in Tokyo and Nagano. Depending on the years the climate is changed in japan, so before coming to Japan for travel, you have better search the weather beforehand. If you want to know more about sightseeing spots in Japan, please visit the below site.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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