Things to do in Kiso Valley in Japan

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Tsumago-juku post town in Nagano

Do you know Kiso? Kiso is located in Nagano and is called a beautiful village. Talking about Kiso, Tsumago Juku and Umago Juku are famous, but other places are also popular. Then, I introduce 5 points including Tsumago Juku and Umagojuku on the page. And also I explain things to Kiso. After reading it, I suggest you go there for this reference.

Nakasendo Magome to Tsumago Trail

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

In Nakasendo, I suggest you to take part in e-Bike tours. I the tour, you could enjoy a beautiful panorama of old buildings. And also it takes about 2 hours for walking along the trail between Magome and Tsumago. This has been famous for foreign tourists since the 2010s.

You could arrive by shinkansen between Tokyo and Nagano, and then you would come after 1.5 hours to here from Nagano station by local train. When you come to Nagano, why don’t you come also to Nakasendo? If you want to know about Nakasendo, please read the below site.

Tsumago Juku Post Town

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

In Tsumago Juku Post Town, you could see the state of Japanese traditional townscape and

feel a historical atmosphere. I suggest you to take a walk to enjoy a landscape. Tsumago Juku Honjin is the best place for sightseeing. This architecture is used by the government during the Edo period, so here you could see the way to live in Japan in the past. If you want to know about Nakasendo, please read the below site.

Atera Valley

In Atera Valley, you could see the beautiful nature landscape. The color of the river in the valley is light blue called Atera Blue. It is easy to come here from Matsumoto by car. This valley is beautiful and clear, so don’t throw your trash and save the basic rule to enjoy very well. If you want to know about Atera Valley, please read the below site.

Kiso Fukushima and city center of Kiso

In Kiso Fukushima, there is a Juku where is used to be stayed for tourists in the past time. Now, local people are living here. There is a delicious restaurant in Soba which is a Nagano traditional food. By car, you could arrive from Ina interchange on the highway. 

Narai juku Post town

Narai-juku Historic Post town

Narai Juku has also a historical building built before a few years. There is a free parking area for 91 cars. You have better come here by car. Near Narai Juku, the Shizume shrine is the palace to learn about lacquerware. And there you could buy original lacquerware goods. If you want to know about Narai Juku, please read the below site.

Nezame no Toko

Nezamenotoko in nagano

Nezame no Toko (寝覚ノ床) is constructed for strangely shaped rocks and crystal clear river. There are huge rocks that have been made by fast river flow while a long time. Recently this area is well known as an instagramble place

Kakizore Valley

Kakizore valley in kiso, nagano

Kakizore Valley (柿其渓谷) is located in Nagiso town. There are some waterfall is impressive. Especially, Ushiga-taki waterfall is max 18 meters down. The harmony between the waterfall and the river of emerald green is beautiful.

Magome Juku Post Town

Magome Juku Post Town is one of the most popular historical post towns in Kiso Valley. Magome Juku running through the Kiso Valley, Especially, Magome to Tsumago Trail is really famous walking contents in Japan. This well-preserved section of the old route is in the present-day city of Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Things to do in Kiso valley in Japan

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

Could you understand Kiso except for Tsumago Juku and Umago Juku? Next season during spring and autumn it is good time for sightseeing. Why don’t you come to Kiso?


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


”NAGANO TRIP” is sightseeing contents site to offer tourist information about Nagano prefecture in Japan. People who are interested in Nagano can learn and know about sightseeing contents before visit Nagano. In addition, visitor can learn and enjoy while traveling and after the trip.

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