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It is best timing in the autumn season for visitor to look a magnificent scenery of nature contrast in Nagano. Especially, some valley tell us a beauty autumn leaves and autumn forest. For example, Akiyama-go Valley, Yonago-dai-bakufu Fall, Okususobana Valley. On the other hand, autumn season is also delicious food season in Japan. For example, some fruits, soba, and much more. We really want you to experience Nagano’s autumn season at least once.

1. Akiyama-go Valley

Twelve villages aside the 405 national roads are called Akiyama-go valley(秋山郷). There are holy forests, traditional culture, and beautiful autumn leaves. Visitor can look an original scenery of Japan.

When you visit Akiyama valley on spring ~ autumn, you can enter Tsunann-town route or Shiga-plateau route. But, when you visit in winter, you can only enter Tsunan-town route. Shiga plateau route doesn’t have public transport, on the other hand, there are Tsunan-town route the public transport and taxi. but public transports are not many times. Of course, Both own car OK. If you want to feel all Akiyama valley, you must choose 1 night and 2 stays.

2. Shiga-kougen Highland

Shiga-Kogen Highlands (志賀高原) is a magnificent ski resort and varied plateau in Yamanouchi town. In the autumn season, visitor can look beautiful contrast of leaves. There is some famous pond in this highlands. For example, Hasu-ike Pond, Biwa-ike Pond, Ichi-numa Pond. Forests are reflected on the pond. Plateau area is connected by a useful shuttle bus service.

Shiga-Kogen Plateau was entered as a Biosphere Conservation Area (UNESCO Eco Park) by UNESCO. There are an original ecosystem and society and beautiful landscape. We can enjoy Shiga-Kogen Plateau all years.

3. Yonago-dai-bakufu Fall

Yonago-dai-bakuhu Fall (米子大瀑布) is located in Suzaka city. This fall is selected a 100 selections of waterfalls in Japan. The set of Fudo-taki-waterfall (不動滝, 85 meters) and Gongen-taki-waterfall (権現滝, 80 meters) are called Yonago-dai bakuhu. A visitor needs to walk about 30 minutes of trekking route from car parking to the waterfall. we recommend visitor wear trekking shoes. In addition, around the waterfall, there is not shops and a vending machine. Visitor need to take a drink.

4. Togakushi area

It is 1 hour’s drive from Nagano station, and five Togakushi Area (戸隠) are located in Nagano city. Togakushi is well known as a holy place for a long time ago, many worshipers visit Togakushi shrines every year. Visitor can enjoy collaboration in historical shrines and autumn leaves. If you have time, better you should walk to Kagami-ike Pond on the waking course. Some pointed mountain and forests are reflected on the pond. On the other hand, Togakushi Soba is famous because Togakushi has pure and rich water.

5. Okususobana Valley

Okususobana Valley(奥裾花渓谷) is famous as a majestic valley. in Kinasa-area, Nagano city. The landscape of the valley is made by strangely shaped rocks and great rock cliff aside Susobana River rises in which wetlands (Okususobana Nature Park) is famous as skunk cabbage. Best season is Autumn. It is grandeur for us to look at the contrast between beech forests and autumn leaves.

6. Kiso area

Kiso Area (木曽) is one of the Nagano’s well kept secret place. There is 6 town and villages between the Central Alps and Mt, Ontake. Samurai period, Kiso was one of the main ways (this way was called Nakasendo) to transport from Kyoto to Edo. We can look a state of remaining Japanese traditional townscape and atmosphere. Therefore, in autumn, visitor can take a photo of collaboration an autumn leaves and Japanese traditional houses. On another hand, there are many nature spots in Kiso Area. Especially, Atera Valley is constructed for strangely shaped rocks and crystal clear river. we can feel the old culture and beautiful nature in KIso area.

7. Around Lake Suwa

Around Lake Suwa(諏訪湖) is the biggest lake in Nagano prefecture. visitor can ride a boat, a sightseeing boat, an amphibian motor car. We recommend Takashima-jo Castle. Around the castle is one of the best autumn leaves spot. On the other hand, At August, Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival is a really famous Fireworks Festival in Japan. In addition, there are a row of cherry blossom trees, stylish cafe, large park, jogging road, foot bath and much more… Not only visitor will fully enjoy in autumn, but also can enjoy all season.

8. Senjoujiki Curl

Senjojiki Cirque(千畳敷カール) is a popular alpine landscape in Komagane city. There are many kinds of alpine wildflowers, alpine animal. In autumn, visitor can look autumn leaves like colorful patchwork. Kenga-ike Pond is a popular photo spot. Let’s try to take a photo that mountain is reflected in the pond. Actually, this place is easily accessible for using the Komagane Ropeway. This is Japan’s oldest ropeway. We can rise 950 meters to 2,334 meters while 8 minutes.

9. Eat Soba

Soba (そば/蕎麦) famous its local food in Japan, Especially in Nagano. Because Nagano’s climate is suitable for buckwheat(Soba) cultivation. In addition, it’s popular with people around the world. Soba is made by mixing buckwheat flour with water and wheat flour, kneading it, spreading it, out thinly and cutting it into long thin noodles.

Autumn season is the best Soba season. Because visitor can eat New-Soba (Shin-soba/新そば) in this season. Soba restaurant changes a resource of buckwheat flour each year because flour loses its freshness. Therefore the restaurant changes a new buckwheat flour in autumn. Visitor can eat the freshest soba all year round/

10. Fruit picking

Fruit picking

Fruit Picking (果物狩り/fruit harvesting) is an autumn seasonal activity. Visitor can enjoy taking fruits myself and eating. Many tourist farms employ a system of “Tabehodai”. Tabehodai (食べ放題) is all you can eat! But usually, there is a 1 ~ 2 hour time limit for several thousand yen. Popular is grape, apple, pear, persimmon.


We’ve given you 10 Nagano’s autumn best spot. But there are many more just waiting for you to discover. Add a little bit of creative flavor to your next travel in Japan by including destinations Nagano prefecture’s autumn best spot on your travel itinerary.



The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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