Nagano’s Must Beautiful Scenic Views

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Nagano prefecture has a lot of beautiful and scenic view spots. The beautiful scenery attracts us. In this article, we offer information 10 must-see beautiful and scenic view spot in Nagano. Let’s go taking a camera!

Lake Nojiri (野尻湖)

Nojiri lake in nagano

Lake Nojiri (野尻湖) is located in Shinano town, Northern area, Nagano prefecture. The second biggest lake in Nagano prefecture. Lake Nojiri is known well to discover the fossil of Nauman elephant. There is the Nojiri Lake Nauman elephant museum. In the summer season, many tourists visit Lake Nojiri to enjoy some water activity! Canoe, Fishing, Rowboat, Sightseeing ship and much more.

Nojiri lake in nagano

Visitors can see the beautiful and scenic of Forests and lake landscape.

Togakushi (戸隠)

Togakushi-jinja Srine in Nagano

Togakushi(戸隠) is visited about 1.5 million tourists every year, so popular beautiful and scenic destinations in Nagano. The temperature in the summer season is lower than in the metropolitan. Togakushi is well known as a cool place in the summer season. Togakusshi is at high elevation, so UV light is higher than it is at a lower elevation.

Kagami pond in Togakushi, nagano

There is Kagami-ike Pond near the Togakushi shrine, Okusha. Visitors can hike a path from Okusha to Kagami pond. Kagami means miller. Togakushi mountains are reflected in the surface of Kagami-ike Pond. Unfortunately, this picture did not become the miller. However, if you can visit when not windy, you will look beautiful and scenic miller landscape.

Karuizawa (軽井沢)

siraito waterfall in nagano

Karuizawa (軽井沢) is one of the most popular resorts located only one hour from Tokyo. Karuizawa has been known as a somewhere cool to stay and relax since about 1886. In the present day, the new places, such as a Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza outlet mall, Hoshino resort, and the Church Street Karuizawa have come to be known.


Visitors can see some beautiful and scenic nature landscapes and cool views.

Unno-Juku Post Town (海野宿)

unno juku, tomi city

Unno-juku post town (海野宿) is located in Tomi city in East Nagano area. This place was a post town of Hokkoku Kaido (Japanese Edo era’s public old road between Edo to Kanazawa). Even now, Unno-juku is constructed by about 100 buildings. In addition, this road is elected as a Top 100 Japanese Road.

unno juku, tomi city

Japan Alps (日本アルプス) -Hakuba Happo and Iwatake area-

Hakuba at winter in nagano

Japan Alps is called Northen Alps in Japan. Northern Alps (Hida Sanmyaku 飛騨山脈・北アルプス山麓) is called “The Japanese Alps”, which is a Japanese mountain range Nagano, Toyama, and Gifu prefectures. The Northern Alps is really magnificent and extensive. I’ve lived in Ikeda town where I can look the Northern Alps for every day, every morning. But, I never get tired of this beautiful and scenic landscape while living in 20 years. If you look real in the Northern Alps, you will be attracted.

Hakuba in nagano

Azuimino Daio Wasabi Farm (信州安曇野 大王わさび農場)

daio wasabi farm in nagano

Azumino (安曇野) is in the heart and typical of the countryside of Honshu, the central island of Japan, at foot of Northern Alps (Japanese Alps). Clear river, vary ricefield, comfortable wind, affluent culture, adventure attraction, all things are high-quality. Azumino is an entrance of Northern Alps, every year many mountain climbers start climbing from Azumino.

daio wasabi farm in nagano

Visitors can see Japanese traditional landscape and beautiful and scenic nature views.

Matsumoto-jo Castle (松本城)

Matsumoto-jo castle in nagano

Matsumoto Castle(松本城) is a Japanese-style castle built about 400 years ago. Matsumoto castle is called “crow castle “because the color of the Matsumoto castle is more black than the usual Japanese castle. It is registered as a national treasure. You can take beautiful pictures, Matsumoto Castle, with cherry blossoms and the Northern Alps.

Tsumago-Juku Post Town (妻籠宿)

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

Tsumago-juku post town (妻籠宿) is located in Nagiso town in Nagano. During the Edo period, traveler, merchant, administrator used transport Edo (now Tokyo) with Kyoto. We can look at a state of remaining Japanese traditional townscape and feel a historical atmosphere.

Lake Suwa (諏訪湖)

Lake Suwa

Lake Suwa is the biggest lake in Nagano. There are some beautiful and scenic places around Lake Suwa. Especially we recommend the night view of Lake Suwa and Suwa town.

Senjojiki Corque (千畳敷カール)

Senjojiki in nagano

Senjojiki Cirque(千畳敷カール) is a popular alpine landscape in Komagane city. There are many kinds of alpine wildflowers, alpine animals. In the summer season, there is a field of a flower as far as the eye can see. Kenga-ike Pond is a popular photo spot. Let’s try to take a photo that the mountain is reflected in the pond.

Senjojiki Cirque is that winter season is also beautiful and scenic photo spots. Visitors can feel the mountain is spread in front of you.

There are other beautiful and scenic near Tokyo!

Without this article spots, there are a lot of beautiful and scenic places in Nagano and Japan. For example, it is located near Tokyo. If you want to view it during 1day, please read the below articles!


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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