Nagano’s best some types of accommodation-Hotel, Guesthouse, Apartment, Ryokan-

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When you visit Japan, you worry and confuse “Where to stay?”. There are some kinds of sleeping place in Nagano. For example, hotel, Japanese ryokan, villa, inn, guesthouse capsule hotel and much more. In this article, we offer information about some recommend sleeping places.


If you are a connoisseur of Japan, We would highly recommend Shoya Maruhachi (庄屋 丸八) and Hatago Maruhachi (旅籠 丸八). These are located in Hakuba where is one of the best winter resorts in Japan. Shoya Maruhachi is an amazing restaurant that visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes. Hatago Maruhachi is a spectacular accommodation to stay attentive to every detail. Once we entered the property, we felt the luxury and authenticity.

If you would like to know more information, please the below article!

Ueda Nagano Ryokan (hotel) “Uematsuya”

Uematsuya (上松屋) has a history over 120 years in Bessho onsen where is the famous and historical hot spring place in Ueda city. Guests can feel the Japanese traditional atmosphere and high-quality service. Staying room is Washitsu which is a Japanese room with traditional tatami flooring.

PlaceUeda City
Nearest stationBessho Onsen Station
Accommodation fee9,720 ~ 24,000 yen
TypeRyokan and Onsen (hot spring)
Web site
agematsuya ueda Uematsuya

agoda Uematsuya

Nagano Tateshina onsen hotel “Shinyu”

Shinyu(親湯) was renewal in 2018. Shinyu is located in Chino city, has loved many Japanese greats and great writers. There are a lot of books in the reception room. Not only visitor can choose a Japanese room, but also visitor can choose a western room and bed. If you worry to sleep on the futon, you will not worry.

PlaceChino City
Nearest stationChino Station
Accommodation fee6,050 ~ 41,250 yen
TypeRyokan and Onsen (hot spring)
Web site Shinyu

agoda Shinyu

Nagano Karuizawa villa “BRIDGE”

Karuizawa is one of the most expensive areas to stay in hotels in Nagano. We recommend you try staying villa! BRIDGE was one person’s inn until some years ago. However recently a realtor bought and changed the villa that tourists stay until 6 persons! Inside is really clean, there are Japanese room and western room. If you stay in Karuizawa over 4 persons, Villa will be a better choice.

karuizawa BRIDGE
PlaceKaruizawa town
Nearest stationKaruizawa station
Accommodation fee39,800 ~
Web site
karuizawa bridge


Suwa Nagano Guesthouse “Masuya”

Masuya guesthouse. I located near Suwa lake. The building was renovated an old type’s Japanese house. Masuya becomes also a local community space. Visitor can interact with other guests and local residents.

suwa guesthouse
PlaceSuwa city
Nearest stationShimosuwa Station
Accommodation fee3,200 ~ 6,000 yen
Web site
suwa guesthouse

Rakuten travel Masuya Guesthouse

Nagano Azumino hotel “Gohoden”

Gohoden(ごほーでん)is located in Azumino where is beautiful rice field and art and craft area in Nagano. Gohoden is the appearance of a Japanese traditional house style that is called Kominka. Without staying, visitor can eat Soba noodles.

PlaceAzumino City
Nearest stationHotaka Station
Accommodation fee4,444 ~ yen
TypeRyokan and hotel and Guesthouse
Web site

Rakuten travel Gohoden

Nagano Azumino guesthouse “Chikyu-yado”

Chikyu-yado (地球宿) is one of the oldest guesthouses in Nagano. Chikyu-yado has a concept “Farm experience and encounters many people”. Guests can experience a farm and cooking local dishes. Owner of Chikyu-yado often hold an some types of event that is a concert, meet up, agricultural experience.

PlaceAzumino City
Nearest stationHitoichiba Station
Accommodation fee3,500 ~ 5,500 yen
Web site

Airbnb Chikuyado

Nagano Azumino ikeda guesthouse

Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse (あづみの池田ゲストハウス) opened in 2015 in Ikeda town. The owner experienced working some mountain hut. So many climbers use this guesthouse to climb the Northern Alps (Japanese Alps). There is a transportation service from the nearest station to guesthouse.

PlaceIkeda town
Nearest stationAzumi Oiwake Station
Akashina Station
Accommodation fee2,800 ~yen
Web site
Ikeda city in Nagano Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse

Alpine Chalets Hakuba

Alpine Chalets Hakuba is a small village of 9 cottages. There are several types of cottage depending on the number of beds, 4 beds, 6beds, 8beds. This cottage is reasonable and clean and available access. And, there are several free services. for example, free parking, BBQ sets.

PlaceHakuba village
Nearest stationHakuba station
Accommodation fee15,000yen~
TypeCottage, Chalet
Web site


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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