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Come on a green season! Iwatake mountain is well known as a winter season resort. Today, we will report HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR-Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort– that is opened while spring to autumn.

Visitors can look at a panorama view by only one gondola. There are some must-see sights! We recommend a couple and a family spot!

→The Best Guide in Hakuba, Japan-Access, Each season’s activitiy. Onsen, Accommodation and much more-

Hakuba Mountain Harbor Information

ADDRESS Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano 399-9301
OPEN HOURS8:30 ~ 17:00
OPEN PERIOD2019 April 27th to November 10th
PARKING1,300 cars
GONDOLA FEEAdult: 1,800 yen
Child: 1.000 yen
Pet: 600 yen

Hakuba Mountain Harbor MAP

Access to Hakuba Mountain Harbor from Tokyo

The nearest station Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Hakuba Station (Ooito railway)

There is a free shuttle bus from Hakuba station to Hakuba Iwatake.

Access from Haneda Airport

1, Approximately 20 minutes, Haneda Airport International Terminal Station to Hamamatucho Station (490 yen/ Tokyo-Monorail Local)

2, Approximately 7 minutes, Hamamatucho Station to Tokyo Station (160 yen/ Keihintohoku Line Local)

3, Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, Tokyo Station to Nagano Station (8,000 yen/ Hokuriku Shinkansen Hakutaka)

4, Approximately 1 hour, Nagano station to Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Harbor by NAGANO-HAKUBA|ALPICO BUS (2,000 yen).

Access from Narita Airport

1, Approximately 1 hour, Narita Airport International Terminal 1 to Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit (1,000 yen/ Narita-Airport Limousine Bus Airport Shuttle Bus)

2, Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, Tokyo Station to Nagano Station (8,000 yen/ Hokuriku Shinkansen Hakutaka)

3, Approximately 1 hour, Nagano station to Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Harbor by NAGANO-HAKUBA|ALPICO BUS (2,000 yen).

Trip Advisor of Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Point to Enjoy Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Looking to Superb view from Yaho Deck

There is the yaho deck nearby gondola. Visitors can look at a panoramic view of Hakuba Area and the Northern Alps. On a sunny day, we need to prepare anti-sunburn measure goods.

Trekking at the forest of Nezuko

Visitors can easily trekking one time in the forest of Nezuko. There is a guided walking tour 2 times every day. We recommend a green season (May and June) and autumn leaf season (October).

The information about the walking guided tour in the forest of Nezuko.

TermEvery day while a green season
Departure TimeA.M 10:00
P.M 13:00
Reception PlaceGuide Center inside the cafe restaurant 「Sky Arc」
Admission Fee (Short)Adult: 1,000 yen/ Child: 500 yen
Admission Fee (Long)Adult: 1,500 yen/ Child: 1,000 yen

Superb view from Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Approximately 3 minutes from the gondola to the direction of Northern Alps, look to HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR that is constructed to push out a valley. There is 「THE CITY BAKERY」inside this building.


THE CITY BAKERY is established in Union Square, New York in 1990. Guests can fresh bread and pastries every day. Actually THE CITY BAKERY opens the second shop at Hakuba in Japan. This shows the popularity of Hakuba as a tourist destination.

This is the most popular dish “croissant” which sandwich is made by Hakuba pork and local vegetables. It is so juicy and volume. We recommend setting pumpkin soup and hot chocolate!

Autumn leaves are beautiful!

Visitor can look to the superb view of Northern Alos. For example. Hakuba Mountain, Yarigatake, Shakushidake and much more… Currently, Autumn leaves is so beautiful season until the last of October. Let’s go Autumn Hakuba!


OPEN TERMApril 27th ~ November 10th
OPEN HOURS9:00 ~ 16:00

Lunch Spot -Sky Ark-

Sky Ark is a restaurant that is a restaurant of a ski park. Some menu is related in Shinshu, Hakuba Iwatake. This restaurant has many seat numbers so visitors don’t worry when a rush hour. And this restaurant menu is volume!

Activity Hakuba Iwatake MTB Park

Hakuba Iwatake is well known as a Mountain bike field in Japan! It is popular that Down Hill Course from 1,272m to 751m, distant of course 3,672m. Beginner and professional.

Hakuba Iwatake Nezuko Forest

We recommend walking in Nezuko Forest after eating. In the autumn season, visitors can feel refreshing air and beautiful trees.

Accommodation near Hakuba Mountain Harbor

If you would like to stay near Hakuba Mountain Harbor and Japanese traditional accommodation in Hakuba, We would highly recommend Shoya Maruhachi (庄屋 丸八) and Hatago Maruhachi (旅籠 丸八). These are located in near Hakuba Mountain Harbor. Shoya Maruhachi is an amazing restaurant that visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes. Hatago Maruhachi is a spectacular accommodation to stay attentive to every detail. Once we entered the property, we felt the luxury and authenticity.

Points to be careful of Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Hakuba Mountain Harbor is located in over 1,000m. It is easily influenced by the weather. If you would like to look at the superb view, I recommend visiting A, M.

Sightseeing Places around Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Hakuba Area has many attractive sightseeing places! Especially, This area is well known as a rich natural area! And if you visit in the winter, recently Hakuba started new accommodation and special service. please check the below articles!


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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