Hakuba Happo-one and Happo-ike Pond in Nagano, Japan (八方池)

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Probably Hakuba’s image is “Winter Resort” in Nagano. But we want to recommend during the green season, summer and autumn. A summertime in Hakuba is a beautiful contrast among green, blue, white. An autumntime in Hakuba is like an amazing patchwork by autumn leaves. In this article’s our destination was Happo-ike Pond where on a clear day would mirror the Japanese Alps!

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Summer to Autumn Hakuba Happo-one and Happo-ike Pond

Access to Hakuba Happo-ike Pond

The nearest station Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Hakuba station (Ooito railway)

There is a free shuttle bus from Hakuba station to Hakuba Iwatake.

Access from Haneda Airport

1, Approximately 20 minutes, Haneda Airport International Terminal Station to Hamamatucho Station (490 yen/ Tokyo-Monorail Local)

2, Approximately 7 minutes, Hamamatucho Station to Tokyo Station (160 yen/ Keihintohoku Line Local)

3, Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, Tokyo Station to Nagano Station (8,000 yen/ Hokuriku Shinkansen Hakutaka)

4, Approximately 1 hour, Nagano station to Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Harbor by NAGANO-HAKUBA|ALPICO BUS (2,000 yen).

Access from Narita Airport

1, Approximately 1 hour, Narita Airport International Terminal 1 to Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit (1,000 yen/ Narita-Airport Limousine Bus Airport Shuttle Bus)

2, Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, Tokyo Station to Nagano Station (8,000 yen/ Hokuriku Shinkansen Hakutaka)

3, Approximately 1 hour, Nagano station to Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Harbor by NAGANO-HAKUBA|ALPICO BUS (2,000 yen).

Les’s start trekking to Hakuba Happo-ike Pond -Lift pass-

Which do you choose to start from Gondola or lift?

Kurobishi-Line Lift

I parked my car at Kurobishi Parking (黒菱駐車場). The parking is located near a lift station of KUROBISHI-LINE LIFT (黒菱ライン). This course is nearer and cheaper to the top station than HAPPO ALPINE LINE. In the summer ~ autumn season departure the first lift at 8:15. If you can drive a car, I recommend KUROBISHI-LINE.

I took two lifts from the start point of trekking to Happo-ike Pond. These lifts were a short-time trip for 15 minutes. The wind was comfortable, but it was already cold in mid-October.

Happo Alpine Line

Happo Alpine Line (八方アルペンライン) is started from Hakuba Gondola Adam Station where is the most famous station to go to Happo-ike Lake. A round-trip ticket is 2900 yen.

Hakuba Happo-one waking is a little hard road

A last lift station to Happo-ike Pond takes about 90 minutes. The first half is a hard and steep hill, the second half is a little easier. There are many stones and the road is unstable. Let’s wear climbing shoes. During trekking, I meet many tourists. When I down from the pond, they greeted me. It was feeling good and I thought “let’s do my best until finish!”. Greeting is important.

Visitors can see the sea of clouds

I could look to a sea of clouds from on the hill. Under the clouds is Hakuba Village. Clouds movement is fast. So the scenery changes in an instant.

Autumn leaves

Happo-one is well known as an amazing autumn leaves spot. Actually this place is one of the fastest color places in Nagano. Red, Orange, Yellow… The collaboration between the colorful leaves and the Northern Alps is a wonderful scenery.

Happo-ike Pond is the breathtaking view!

In the summer season and autumn season’s holiday, around Happo-ike Pond is so many tourists, But weekdays opposit. The water mirror is so beautiful that many people are taking pictures.

POINTS TO BE AWARE OF Hakuba Happo-ike Pond

Happo-ike Pond is located in 2,060 height above sea level. This area is colder than the start place. If you feel not cold at the start, you should Jacket!

Let’s go as early as possible in the morning. The weather gets worse in the afternoon.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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