The Best Guide of Summer in Japan

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Summer in Japan has many attractive things. Outdoor Adventure, Wearing Kimono (Japanese traditional clothes), Fireflower’s festival, Japanese Festival and much more. Preparation is important to enjoy summer Japan. If you read this article, you will know all about summer in Japan!

Summer in Japan is July to September

In Japan, the temperature is becoming high in the summer. And in the one case, intense heat weather and tropical night are keeping, and also suddenly the storm becomes everywhere afternoon.

So if you travel around Japan in the summer, you should prepare for changing weather. The summer season has June, July, and August. Especially, in June, the rainy week is keeping, and after that, July and August, the hot season is coming. In these seasons, you have to keep three points for traveling around.

The first one is that the temperature becomes around 35℃, so you have to take water as many times as you can not to get heatstroke. The second one is that you should bring an umbrella for a sudden storming rainy. The third one is that you have better put yourself skin cream not to get tanned.

During the summer season, in Japan, there is a long vacation for about 1 week, so then, everywhere it is easy to get crowded. However, such crowded places are for family travelers, and children, so you could enjoy except for places gathering such those travelers. If you want to know more about information where is not crowded, you should check online beforehand.

What to Wear in Summer in Japan

The Japanese summer may be thought too a hot season for foreign travelers. And also, it is not only hot but also humid, therefore it is difficult for travelers who don’t get used to the Japanese summer climate. I suggest you bring clothes with short thieves.

While in Japan, there are original clothes for the summer called yukata, and Jinbei. If you have time to try, I recommend these clothes because it is easier to wear than kimono and they will make you cool. In Japan, during both night and daytime, the high temperature is not changed and stay around 25℃, so I recommend you to wear yukata when you take asleep at night.

In the center of city, Tokyo, it is easier to live and stay than I think because, in the most of inside buildings, air conditioners are facilitated, so the temperature is keeping low and it is very convenient. You have better have a thin jacket in the case of cold by air conditioners.

What to Bring in Summer in Japan

The Japanese summer is so hot that you have better bring sunglasses, hat, sun cream. And also, you have better take on sandals because of the usual shoes such as sneakers. When you take on sandals, don’t forget to put sun cream also on your foot. If you forgot to do that, your foot has a very funny banned trace, and they changed into the strains.

During the summer, also in Japan, many insects appear in front of you, so you have better bring insect repellent. Especially, for mosquitoes, you should take medicine to stop itching, if you have it, you make your skin itching stopped. In Japan, many mosquitoes are living, so they are essential brings.

Should Visit Destinations in Summer in Japan


Hakuba in nagano

Also in the summer, you could enjoy getting on lifts as seeing beautiful natural panorama such as mountains. In HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR, after climbing up by lifts, you will find the terrace cafe, and you could take a lunch. And also you could enjoy trekking around the mountains and the lake. I recommend Happouike, the pond surrounded by the Japanese Alps mountains. The view seen here is very mysterious and beautiful.



When you think of Okinawa, you think of the blue ocean. Many travelers from all over the world are coming to swim. There, you could enjoy snorkeling, main sports, and diving. You have better book beforehand if you are going to Malin sports. And also, you could enjoy eating the summer sweets such as shaved ice with mango which is a popular fruit in Okinawa. Moreover, there are shops selling smoothie drinks made of a number kinds of summer fruits.


siraito waterfall in nagano

In the summer of Karuizawa, I recommend three spots. First spot is Shiraito no Taki near the old Karuizawa town. There you could feel the cool as forgetting the hot of the summer. The waterfall is article beautiful.

The second spot is called Ishi no Kyokai in Naka Karuizawa and is the chapel made of stones. Inside there it is so cool and you would forget the hot summer. The chapel is very dynamic and attractive for many travelers.

The third one is Harunire Terrace, which is a shopping spot located in the center of nature. There are local coffee shops, bakery & restaurants, shops selling Scandinavian design tools.


In Kochi, the summer festival called Yosakoi festival is held every summer from about 8/9 to 8/12. There, dancers are dancing as ringing tools called naruko. It looks so attractive. The kinds of dances include not only traditional music, but also samba rhythm and rock rhythm music, so young people enjoy this festival. Attendees of the festival enjoy a sense of unity.

Senjojiki Cirque|NAGANO

Senjojiki in nagano

In July, after the snow of mountains is melted, the road on Senjojiki Cirque has Alpine plant opening. In August, you could enjoy trekking as feeling the cool wind on the middle Alpine. You are wasting time just to see the view, so why don’t’ you try to experience nature in the Alps by yourselves?

The Best Guide of Summer in Japan

Today, I introduce the best guide of Japan in the summer, If you want to know other season’s guides and information about traveling in other areas such as Nagano, please visit the below site.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


”NAGANO TRIP” is sightseeing contents site to offer tourist information about Nagano prefecture in Japan. People who are interested in Nagano can learn and know about sightseeing contents before visit Nagano. In addition, visitor can learn and enjoy while traveling and after the trip.

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Nice to meet you. I’m Karina, a university student. Now I’m living in Nagano, Ueda, so I’ll introduce very much about Nagano, Japan! I also have been to study abroad twice in Italy and Greece. This is why I could write traveling articles in English. My favorite things are to go to a cafe and book shop whose buildings are renovated! After you read my articles, I’d like you to know about Nagano and be interested in many popular spots there.