Let’s try wearing Kimono! What is Kimono dress? Means? Japan

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What does Japanese traditional costume remind you of? Most people are reminded of Kimono (着物).

Kimono is a Japanese-specific costume. Japanese people, a long time ago, used to wear them every day, but now people wear them only for special occasions.

Nowadays, Kimono is popular among young people as one of fashion. You can find a different charm from ordinal clothes.

Kimono vs Yukata

Japanese traditional costume, Japanese clothes, is Kimono and Yukata. Kimono is famous in the world, but Yukata is not as famous as Kimono. They look alike but there are some differences. I am going to introduce them each.

Kimono dress (kimono robe, kimono jacket)

Kimono (着物) is worn in formal occasions, such as a wedding ceremony, the coming of age ceremony and so on. The coming of ceremony is to celebrate anyone who becomes 20. Most women are looking forward to that ceremony and prepare the Kimono for the day in advance.

In general, Kimono is made of silk. So, it is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. In addition, it has gloss, and it is felt luxurious. It is so beautiful. As I have explained, Kimono has various characteristics and good points. However, it is expensive, and it is difficult to wear compared to ordinal clothes. And, you cannot walk with long strides. Walk slowly with short strides, and you look elegant.

Yukata robe Means? Pattern?

Yukata (浴衣) is the type of Kimono. It is generally made of cotton and thinner material than Kimono. So it is mainly worn in summer. You can enjoy events like Japanese summer festivals or fireworks displays. And many people put on geta, Japanese clogs, but please be careful not to get a blister from your geta.  Also, Yukata is worn in a Japanese-style hotel as nightclothes.  You can wear Yukata more casual than Kimono.

Kimono for men


In this paragraph, I introduce men’s Kimono. There are mainly divided into three types, formal wear, outing wear, and casual wear. They are a little complicated because they have various types. So first, I recommend wearing casual wear Kimono. They are the Kimono that you can wear the most simple. The man who is wearing Kimono looks cool. Wearing Kimono, enjoy the mood of Japanese “SAMURAI”.

Let’s try wearing Kimono!

If you are interested in Japanese traditional culture, first I recommend you try wearing Kimono. When you try Japanese traditional cultures such as Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement, Calligraphy, and Koto, Kimono perfectly matches.

Did you have an interest in Kimono? Kimono is difficult to wear, but it is beautiful and cool. Try wearing Kimono when you come to Japan.

Written by Chieka Mimori (三森千惠佳)


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