5 Places to See the Koinobori festival near Tokyo

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In Japan, Koinobori(鯉のぼり) is one of the traditional cultures. These days, not only Japanese but foreigners like to see Koinobori festival. We tell you 5 good places to enjoy Koinobori festival in Japan. 

Surprising number of Koinobori – Koinobori villeage festival


The Koinobori village festival(こいのぼりの里まつり)held in Tatebayasi city, Gunma Prefecture is famous for the number of Koinobori. At 2005, this festival was given a Guinness record for the number of 5000 Koinobori. 

In spring, cherry blossom(sakura) can be seen; therefore, you can enjoy harmony with Koinobori and cherry blossom. Thus, You should go to this festival from late March to early April. And also about a good point, Koinobori is lighted up from 18:00 to 22:00, this view is fantastic! 

5 lines of koinobori – Swimming koinobori in sagami river

The swimming Koinobori in Sagami river festival(泳げ鯉のぼり相模川) is held from late April to late May by the Sagami River in Sagamihara city, Kanagawa Prefecture. The feature of this festival is about 1,200 Koinobori are swimming hanged with 5 lines on the river. Not only adults but children participate in this festival, so everyone can enjoy this festival.

※From 2020, this event hasn’t been held. 

A collaboration with Koinobori and mountain view – Dragon God Valley Koinobori Festival (Ryujin-kyo)

Dragon god valley Koinobori festival(竜神峡鯉のぼりまつり) is held from late April to mid-May in Hitachi Oota, Ibaraki prefecture. Over 1,000 Koinobori are hanged along the Dragon god bridge. A good point in this festival is a mountain view; therefore, Koinobori fly as if they are real small dragon. 

This place is a little far but the beauty of Koinobori and mountain is priceless, so going this place is good not for Japanese but for foreigners.

  • Website : http://www.kanko-hitachiota.com/sp/page/page000366.html
  • Schedule : late April to mid-May
  • Access : 3 hours and 30 minutes by train from Tokyo station

The most biggest Koinobori – Kazo Citeizen Peace Festival

In Kazo citizen peace festival(加須市民平和祭) held in early May, you can see a big Koinobori of 500m, 330kg and the size of the mouse is 10m! It swims in the blue sky above Tone river with pure white clouds; as a result, many people come to this festival to enjoy the surprising view. This festival is held in early May in Kazo city, the north area of Saitama prefecture. 

Koinobori with activities – Nagasawa Koinobori Festival 

Over 450 Koinobori can be seen and activities, race in the mad road, is held in this festival. And this festival is held in Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture. 

 So family which has children can also enjoy this festival. And also about a good point, there is a food shop for noodles, rice cake and so on.

Koinobori is for adults and children

If you go to Japan, please visit the upper places and get Koinobori. 

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