Goshuin at Shrine in Japan

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You can sometimes see a paper written a few words when you go to the shrine. It is called Goshuin, but what’s the meaning of it? I explain the important things while praying in the temple and shrine.

What meaning is Goshuin?

Goshuin is the mark to improve visiting the temple and shrine, or you can get it as the mark of payment. Except for Shuin, the date and the name of the temple are sometimes written by Ink writing. 

Moreover, in the case of donating as a sacred place and seven lucky gods,  Shin showing it is stamped or written by ink.

These days, the style of Goshuin is changing, there are some temples that make Goshuin with beautiful or cute Japanese paper and the way to write by ink. Depending on the shrine or temple, you can donate the date, the way shows feeling that temples want to visit there many times.

How to get a Goshuin?

Firstly, let’s by the note of Goshuin at the temple and shrine.

In order to get Goshuin, you need the note for it. In the case of that, the temple and shrine sell the note too, you can both the note and Goshuin at the same time.  The cost is 1,000~2,000 yen. There are two cases. The first one is that the cost of note includes the cost of Goshuin together. The second one is that the cost of note is separated into the cost of Goshuin.

Let’s get ready to have coins.

In order to get Goshuin, early it is easy by getting ready to have coins. Most of Goshin takes money as Shohoryou and Shindai. It takes 300~500 yen.

The large temple-like as Zenkoji has the machine changing paper money to coins in front of the shop of Goshuin, but the most of time there is no, so you have better get ready to have coins.

You must get Goshuin after praying, but there is also an exception.

Goshuin is the mark to visit and pray in the shrine and temple, so there is a bad manner to bring it before praying. Firstly, it is important to pray and get Goshuin in the shop.

However, there is the temple asking you leave the note because it takes a little long time to get Goshuin. So there, before praying, you have better leave the note for Goshuin. It easy to get it without waiting. This is the action of the temple no to make crowded by visitors. While you entering through the front of the shop, you have better check whether there is no actual note of getting Goshuin.

Etiquette of Goshuin

Goshin is no items like as things sold at the markets.

I’d like to say that Goshin is not one to buy. Factly, Goshin is a gift, and money is giving to the god. The gap is too small t understand, but the meaning is largely different.

There are no temples giving Goshuin.

Goshuin is getting popular, but every shrine does not give it. As it got more popular, one temple decided to demolish Goshin.

Let’s understand that the manner is different in every temple.

As the way of Goshuin and the idea are different, the way to pray is very different. In order no to feel shame by being bet on a different idea, before visiting and praying, you have better research about the temple.

Let’s visit as the feeling to visit elderly people’s houses.

It is clear to an image when you visit the temple like visiting your proudest people’s house. Think that God is seen as the elderly people, or as the greatest teacher, favorite teacher.

Goshuin at Shrine in Japan

I suggest whoever does not have idea to get the Goshuin to start firstly visit the temple and pray. One priest of the temple wishes that Goshuin makes the chance to visit the temple. Through Goshuin, you can be interested in the temple, and visit there, have the chance to learn about the history of Japanese religion. Some knowledge are coming to after keeping to visit naturally.


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