Traveling Japan Guide in March-Clothes, Temperature, Weather, On peak or off-peak-

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I think March in Japan is  a good season for traveling. Both you can view mountains, lakes or villages colored with snow and crisp air and cherry blossoms, murmurings of a stream or villages colored with pastel and shimmering air.

Today, I will give you some information about March in Japan, mainly about temperature, weather but about the recommended sightseeing spot.

How much flights to Japan in March 2020

When you are traveling, you may check the rate of flights. The rate of fright isn’t so expensive in the beginning of March, but in the late. In the late of March, students graduating in the month travel abroad. In this year, the flight rate is lower than usual because of Coronavirus. However, in some cases, the number of flights also is small and services are different from usual. So when you traveling in Japan, you should be careful.      

Temperature, Weather in Japan in March

A Japanese proverb says Sannkannsionn to write temperature of March. It means a cold day lasts for three days following a warm day for four days. As a day passes,the temperature warmer but the change isn’t constant and there are both warm day and cold day. In March, it often is sunny but in Nagano or Hokkaido, it sometimes snows.

2020’s Temperature Weather in Japan in March

This year,it is said that the temperature is higher than usual. Japan Weather association says the probability of high temperature is more than 50% until March 20th in almost all areas in Japan. And the snowfall frequency will be lower. There are some ski resorts which is closed today. So I recommend you check the homepages in advance.

Wear, Clothes in Japan in March

In Nagano,it is warm in daytime but it  is cold in night. You must bring coat. They also help you,groves,knit cap and mask. But in warmer places,for example,in Tokyo,Nagoya or Osaka,a coat sometimes isn’t necessary.In those places in the daytime to evening, the temperature often is above five degrees and it is warm inside a building. 

Pick up Activity, Event and Sightseeing Spots in March

March in Japan arrives with warm air. But people still love hot spring. One of the famous hot spring spots in Japan is Nozawa Onsen located in Nagano Prefecture. Nozawa Onsen is near to a mountain where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There you should do public bath hopping! The Public bath is called Sotoyu and you can access 13 hot springs for all free, but only a little bit donation. Each Sotoyu has its characteristics and why don’t you discover your favorite?  

The Best 11 Things To Do in Nozawa Onsen

Let’s enjoy Japan travel in March

Today, I talked about the tips for traveling in March in Japan. How do you feel about March in Japan? Japan has good places to travel in March. If you are traveling in March, you should check this page! It says recommended places.

Where to go in March in Japan

Nagano has good places to travel not only in March but also in every season! If you see Nagano ,let us show you some informations. You may find your trip destinations!


【2020】 Cherry Blossom Forecast in Nagano-Best 10 Festival Spots –


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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