The Best Ninja Experience In Japan

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Ninja history in Japan

It is said that the existence of ninjas can be confirmed in historical history after the North-South Dynasty (1336–1392). The ninja of the Sengoku period was called by the big names in various places, and it invaded the enemy country, it invaded, it destroyed, it avenged at night, the ambush, and the information collection was done.

But the most important thing was to tell the lord of the enemy’s situation, so they had to avoid fighting as much as possible and survive and come back.

When the peace days came in the Edo period, it was not a battle, but the main duty was to obtain information and guard the political situation of neighboring countries, and to make use of it in the politics of the home country.

“Ninja” has the image of sneaking into the attic and eavesdropping on conversations, but in fact, there were many people who made friends with the local people and listened to information.

If you want to experience ninja

There are several places in Japan that can fulfill such requests. Here are five spots.

Mie Prefecture” Iga-ryu Museum”

Located in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, home to Iga Ninja.

The museum is made up of five facilities, and there is an “Iga-Ryu Ninja House” where you can see demonstrations of Karakuri, such as “donden-return”, “loophole”, and “sword concealment”.

There is a “Ninjutsu Experience Hall”, where about 400 ninja swords are on display, including the real shuriken swords used at the time.

Shiga Prefecture “Koga no Sato ninjutsu Village”

In the village, there are three ninja houses with the aforementioned “Donden return” and “hidden corridors and mezzanine”, a museum that collects seven ninja tools such as a shuriken, a hand-held kendo hall where you can actually throw a hand-held sword, and a garden that has made ninja essential medicines.

There is a “Ninja Dojo”, and when the training is finished, you can get the scroll of the license everyone’s den.

Nagano Prefecture “Chibikko Ninja Village (Kids Ninja Village)“

You can experience the ninja mood.

There are a lot of amusements that can be enjoyed by children and adults.

Ninja clothes can be rented.

Saga Prefecture “Hizen Yume Kaido“

The only ninja village in Kyushu.

A historical theme park that reproduces the early Edo period of the town of Ureshino.

Tochigi Prefecture “Nikko Edo-mura“

The magnificent architecture of the Edo period, including ninja residences, is attractive.

Nikko Edo Village in Tochigi Prefecture is a new large-scale leisure land, and not only ninja houses but also magnificent Edo period architecture such as Sekisho Kaido, Post Town, Shimomachi, and Samurai Residence Street are produced in the outing.

Recommended spot for those who want to feel the Edo period as it is, not an only ninja.

Access to Ninja vllage

I introduce the access to “Nikko Edo village” which is the nearest from Tokyo.

Haneda Airport – Keikyu Airport Line (approx. 45 minutes) – Asakusa Station – Tobu Nikko (approx. 1 hour 50 minutes) – Tobu Nikko Station

Haneda Airport – Keikyu Airport Line (about 15 minutes) – Shinagawa Station – JR Keihin Tohoku Line (about 10 minutes) – Tokyo Station – JR Tohoku Shinkansen (about 50 minutes) – Utsunomiya Station – About 15 minutes – Nikko Station

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