Eating Taiyaki in Japan! -Recipe, Means-

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taiyaki たい焼き

Do you know Taiyaki? Taiyaki is a Japanese traditional sweets. We can eat Omatsuri (Japanese festival), Historical town, the front of the Supermarket and more places. In this article, we introduce the basic information of Taiyaki and recommend Taiyaki shops in Nagano, Japan.

Taiyaki is a Japanese Sweet Shaped Tai

Taiyaki is a Japanese sweet shaped like Tai (red snapper). It is a kind of traditional Japanese sweet Wagashi. Why is Taiyaki in the shape of Tai? The reason is Japanese have had the habit of eating Tai for celebrations and praying for luck.

Taiyaki Recipe

Taiyaki is made by pouring dough mixed with flour and eggs into a mold of Tai (red snapper), and then putting a lot of Anko (bean paste between the dough and baking it crisp. Please read the below sentence in more detail!

A batter is poured into the two parts of a red snapper-shaped mold and then a filling is added to one side. Once the mold is closed with the filling inside, the cake is cooked on both sides until it’s golden brown and crisp. Traditionally, Taiyaki is filled with Anko (azuki red bean paste) but recently, ice cream, custard, chocolate, sausage, cheese.

Eating Taiyaki in Nagano -Taiyaki Furusato-

Taiyaki Furusato is a historic sweets shop that opened in Matsumoto City about 80 years ago. Unlike other Taiyaki shops, Taiyaki Furusato is characterized by making traditional “Ippon-Yaki”.

Ippon-Yaki is an old-fashioned method of baking one by one rather than baking at once. Today, there are only 30 shops in Japan that make Taiyaki for Ippon-Yaki. In Nagano Prefecture, Taiyaki Furusato is the only one to make Taiyaki for Ippon-Yaki

Many celebrities who have visited Matsumoto for shooting movies and dramas have become fans of Taiyaki Furusato. It is loved by both locals and tourists.

Some kinds of Taiyaki at Taiyaki Furusato-Taiyaki Icecream-

Taiyaki (red bean paste) \180- Crispy baked crust and homemade Anko paste filling. Excellent Nawate st. sweets! This is the real Taiyaki.

Taiyaki (Sausage and Mayonnaise) \200- Sausage and Mayonnaise inside instead of red bean paste. May feel some odd first time, but you’ll be addicted seriously.

Taiyaki Icecream \300- Summer limited item. Put sweet Anko paste and ice cream between Taiyaki shaped crispy crusts! Brand-new NAWATE st. Sweets!

Eating Taiyaki in Japan!

taiyaki たい焼き

Taiyaki is one of the traditional Japanese sweets Wagashi. We would you like to eat other Wagashi while visiting Japan. If you are interested in other foods and dishes in Japan, please read the below articles!


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