Why don’t you come to drink Japanese sake? It looks good that you drink in a restaurant, but and also you want to try to drink as looking at how to make Japanese sake and drink fresh Japanese sake in Japanese Sake Brewery, don’t you?

In the page, I introduce 5 spots where are near Tokyo and are enjoyable while a day.

Daisekkei Sake Manufacture Co. Ltd.大雪渓酒造「大雪渓」 | Nagano

大雪渓酒造 is a Japanese sake brewery in Ikeda town, Nagano and established in 1864. Daisekkei is a popular brand in the brewery. A brewery tour is held There is no route for sightseeing, so in the case of visiting the brewery, you must call on the brewery and take accept from staff beforehand.

You can arrive by taking a Oito rail from Matsumoto station to Sinano-Matsukawa station for 45 minutes and taking a taxi for 15 minutes.


Sawanoi Sake Brewery. 澤乃井 酒蔵 | Tokyo

Sawanoi Sake Brewery is established in 1702. You can enjoy sightseeing in the brewery and learn how to make sake, finally taste sake. You can reserve a tour online. There are 4 times(11:00- 13:00- 14:00- 15:00-) for a day and the tour takes for about 45 minutes and 40 people are available.


Okazaki Sake Brewery. 岡崎酒造「亀齢(きれい)」 | Nagano

Okazaki Sake Brewery is in Yanagi street, Ueda city, Nagano. Main Japanese sake is almost made by rice from Nagano and clear water. There, you can taste Japanese sake.

Miyasaka Brewing Co., Masumi. 宮坂醸造「真澄(ますみ)」 | Nagano

Miyasaka Brewing Co., Masumi has an original shop, there Japanese sake and other food or drink came from sake are sold. Tasting’s sake is with money, but you can taste expensive kinds of Japanese sake more cheaply than usual. You can spend time while a day although you can7t take a tour for the Japanese sake brewery.


Suzuki Brewery. 鈴木酒造 | Akita

Suzuki Brewery is in Akita, there is a museum for Japanese sake, and you learn about sake. In the tour, you can choose Japanese sake and taste them with Japanese delicious food. The tour is able to be reserved online. You can arrive by taking Shinkansen Akitkomatchi.

Visit Japanese Sake Brewery near Tokyo!


Japanese sake brewery has some different natures, sou you can enjoy to goto the brewery many times. If you want to know about Japanese sake, please check this page.