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Ueda City in Nagano

If you visited Nagano city and Matsumoto city, I recommend Ueda city as the next destination. Ueda city is one of the most popular sightseeing areas in Nagano prefecture.

See 1: Ueda Castle Park

Ueda castle(上田城) is the most popular sightseeing place in Ueda city. The castle was built in the 16th century by Sanada Masayuki(真田昌幸) who is very popular samurai “Sanada Yukimura(真田幸村)”‘s father. Ueda castle has never been attacked, so it is said to be auspicious. Currently, there is a famous park with a thousand cherry blossom that blooms in April.

You can walk about 10 minutes from Ueda station. One of the best access historical site in Ueda city from Ueda station.

See 2: Yanagimachi Street

Yanagimachi Street

Yanagimachi(柳町) Street has a Japanese traditional townscape. The street was samurai castle street as a part of Hokkoku Kido(北国街道) Road. Recently, there has been increasing some trendy shops. You can experience traditional culture and trendy culture. There are Japanese Sake shop(I strongly recommend), Wine shop, Cafe, Soba restaurant and much more…

Yanagimachi street is nearby Ueda Castle. I recommend shopping and “Tabearuki (eat around,)” in this street when you visit Ueda castle.

See 3: Kitamuki Kannon (Temple)

Kitamuki Kannnon Street (Temple)
Kitamuki Kannnon (Temple)

Kitamuki Kannon(北向観音) Temple was built in 825. It is rare that the main temple face to North in Japan. There is a Bessho Onsen area.Kitamuki Kannon set with Zenko-ji temple in Nagano city. If you can visit Zenkoji temple, you will get a fortunate opportunity.

See 4: Anrakuji (Temple)

Anrakuji (Temple)

Anrakuji(安楽寺) Temple is famous temple in Nagano, and Japan. Anrakuji is one of the oldest temple in Zen Buddhism. The temple building is “Mokuzo Hakkaku Sanzyuu no To”. This mean is Wooden Octagonal three-story pagoda.

When you visit this pagoda, I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes. Because, there is the pagoda on the small mountainside.

Eat 1: Zimanyaki


Zimanyaki is famous and popular sweets in Ueda city. This is Japanese pancakes filled with filling such as red bean paste and sweet custard cream.

People in Ueda eat Zimanyaki when they were boy and girl. Zimanyaki makes feel yearnning for their old days. I am one of those people.

Feel 1: Suguri Keikoku (waterfall)

Suguri Keikoku (waterfall)

There is this waterfall in Takeshi(武石) area. Takeshi has atmosphere and location of the typical Japanese countryside. If you go from Ueda station, you need to use a bus for about 50 minutes. (Maybe tourist can’t visit this pictures area)

There is prominade aside valley. My most recommend place in this article.

Feel 2: Karasawa waterfall

Karasawa waterfall

There is this waterfall in Sugadaira(菅平) plateau. Sugadaira plateau is famous as a Rugby field.
If you go from Ueda station, you need to use a bus for about 40 minutes.

I visit August, I could watch Japanese national rugby team scene of the athletes practicing.

↑This video was made by Nagano University students. Some of Ueda’s attraction is summarised.

How did you like it? These places are an attractive spot in Ueda city. Of course, there are many sightseeing spots. Please look for other articles.



The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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