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Ikeda city in Nagano Northern Alps

This town doesn’t have a national road and train station. I never say easily accessible. But Ikeda town has typical Nagano’s attractive points and “feel good” contents. If you come to Ikeda town, Your mind and body will be healthy.

Feel good 1: Azumino Ikeda Craft Park

Craft Park
Craft Park

We can look all around Azumino area and the Northern Alps from Azumino Ikeda craft park. Especially, Sunset is really brilliant. The park is selected as a 100 point of Sunset in Japan. It is like a masterpiece.

There are child park, Museum, car parking, rest house and WC. Especially, Family can enjoy 1 day.

Feel good 2: Herb


Ikeda town is famous as a Herb town. May ~ June, we can feel good all our body by chamomile, lavender, and much more herb.


If you are interested in lavender, you have to visit Lavender Garden Yume-nojo. There are many lavenders and 80 kinds of the herb in about 40,000㎡. Best season is June.


If you are interested in chamomile, you have to visit Yasueso-hotel. This hotel got “The 6th Ministry of Environment Good Life Award”. And Yasueso is selected Bio Hotel. If you don’t stay, you can only take a Bath. Best season is May ~ June.

Herb center

There is a road station (Japanese Michi no Eki) Ikeda town Herb Center. We can buy a herb goods and souvenir of Ikeda town.

Feel good 3: Shrine and Temple

There are 3 temples and 1 big shrine in Ikeda town. Each place has originality.

Chohuku-Ji temple

Chofuku-Ji is the temple of Soto Buddhism. There is a large ginkgo at the center of the temple. The large ginkgo is attractive for many cameramen in October ~ November.


Joju-In is the temple of Soto Buddhism. Every thired sunday, This temple open the Zazen event. This event is attention free. everybody can take part in the event. Please try Zazen!

Hachiman jinjya shrine

Hachiman Jinja Shrine is the main shrine in Ikeda. Every September 23th, there is the traditional festival. Below pictures are the festival’s photo. children and the young men who ride a Japanese festival car that is pulled by many people. These sceane is simple overfilling.

Hachiman jinjya shrine festival
Hachiman jinjya shrine festival

Feel good 4: Magnificent Night Landscape

Nagano prefecture’s all area has environment to watch beautiful night sky. Of course, You can watch some beautiful night scene. Star, Night view, Autumn leaves and much more… If you want to take a night picture, You don’t forget tripod.

Ikeda town has many attractive things to be a healthy body and mind. We are tired in every day. I recommend you will visit Ikeda town to get rid of your tiredness and feel keep calm. It’s fun!


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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