Gohei mochi (Gohei rice cake, 五平餅) What recipe? What sauce?

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Gohei- rice cake is a local dish that is introduced to mountainous areas such as Aichi, Nagano, and Gifu prefectures. It is one of the great attractions that the taste, appearance, skewer shape, etc. vary greatly from region to region, not to mention the taste, even in the same Gohei- rice cake.

About the taste of Gohei rice cake, How to make?

Sticky soy sauce-based sauce with plenty of sugar stimulates your appetite while gently wrapping your tongue.

Occasionally, when the walnuts and sesame hidden in the sauce are exposed, you can feel a different taste and eat without getting tired until the end.

The gentle taste brings a moment of small supreme bliss with simplicity to be left to the tongue after having finished eating.

About the origin of Gohei rice cake

There are various origins of origin, and it is a general theory that this name is given because it is in the form of “money” dedicated to God in Shinto. There is another theory that Gohei made it, but the truth is still unknown.

Some kinds of Gohei mochi Takahama, Nagoya, Tokyo

There are some kinds of Gohei rice cake. Kiso in Nagano to Takayama’s taste is mixed wild sesame, soy sauce, and sugar. Nagoya’s shape is like Waraji which is an old Japanese sandal.

I would like everyone to eat Gohei rice cake!

Finally,Gohei rice cake attracted attention after having appeared in the TV drama that was broadcast last year, and it has become popular again. I would like everyone to eat Gohei rice cake.

Written by 金井 優典


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