The Best 11 Things To Do in Nozawa Onsen

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nozawa onsen

Nozawa Onsen(野沢温泉) is well renowned in Japan. Nozawa Onsen is located at the foot of Kenashi mountain which has a resource (gensen) at its center. Nozawa Onsen is popular hot spring health. There are 13 atmospheric public bathhouses called Soto-yu in the Onsen district.

The Best Things to do Skiings and Snowboarding in Nozawa Onsen in Winter

Nozawa Onsen is renowned as a high-quality powder snow area. And Our recommended point of Nozawa Onsen is that there is onsen near Ski slopes. Domestic skiers and Foreign Skiers are glad to take an onsen (hot spring) after skiing!

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Access from Tokyo to Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen liner bus timetable

JR Iiyama Station (JR Iiyama railway, Hokuriku shinkansen.) There is the Nozawa onsen liner from Iiyama station to Nozawa onsen (April 1st ~ middle December). Adult-600 yen  Child-300 yen

From Nozawa onsen to Iiyama stationFrom Iiyama station to Nozawa onsen

Access from Haneda Airport to Nozawa Onsen

1, Approximately 20 minutes, Haneda Airport International Terminal Station to Hamamatucho Station (490 yen/ Tokyo-Monorail Local)

2, Approximately 7 minutes, Hamamatucho Station to Tokyo Station (160 yen/ Keihintohoku Line Local)

3, Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, Tokyo Station to Nagano Station (8,000 yen/ Hokuriku Shinkansen Hakutaka)

4, Approximately 50 minutes, Nagano Station to Iiyama Station (530 yen/ The Shinano Railway Line)

Access from Narita Airport to Nozawa Onsen

1, Approximately 1 hour, Narita Airport International Terminal 1 to Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit (1,000 yen/ Narita-Airport Limousine Bus Airport Shuttle Bus)

2, Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, Tokyo Station to Nagano Station (8,000 yen/ Hokuriku Shinkansen Hakutaka)

3, Approximately 50 minutes, Nagano Station to Iiyama Station (530 yen/ The Shinano Railway Line)


The Best Things To Do in Nozawa Onsen

The best thing to do Nozawa Onsen Stamp Trail of Onsen (Hot spring)

If you want to enjoy Onsen (hot spring) in Nozawa onsen, you should try a stamp trail of Onsen. The stamp trail is game that gathers stamp each Onsen in Nozawa onsen. After you can get all stamp, the challenger will get the special original towel of Nozawa onsen. Stamp spots are located public bath(27 places). Let’s try public bath hopping and gathering stamps!

Shuin-Cho400 yen
PresentAn original towel (over 10 places)
Shuin-Cho receipt placesNOZAWA ONSEN Tourism Association (8:30 ~ 17:30)
(9:00 ~ 17:30)

The above picture is a present that is an original Japanese towel.

The best things to Get the Shuin-Cho to Visit around Hot spring of Nozawa Onsen

There is the stamp trail of hot spring in Nozawa onsen. Shuin-Cho is a book to gather and check by stamp. Visitor can get the Shuin-Cho at the visitor center.

The best things to do Nozawa Onsen’s public bath hopping!

After to get the Shuin-Cho, let’s start the public bath hopping. The public baths is called “Sotoyu” that visitor takes a bath all free! The Visitor need not pay!! please, only a little bit of donation. Sotoyu is 13 places in Nozawa Onsen.

OPENING DAYS AND HOURSApril to November: 5:00–23:00
December to following March: 6:00–23:00
CHARGEUp to you. Put some money into a donation box at each Soto-yu.
PARKINGThe Soto-yu do not have parking.

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A recommendation is Kumanotearayu bathhouse

Kumanotearayu used to do that a bear washed their hands. Kuma means a bear, no means of, te means hands, ara means washing, yu means hot spring. A temperature of Kumanotearayu is just comfortable temperature mixed hot and cold.

The best things to take a Sotoyu Onsen (Hot spring)

Usually, winter public bath and dressing room is so cold! However Taki-no-yu bathhouse and Yokochi-no-yu bathhouse is equipped a floor heating. Therefore visitor can feel a little bit hot. One local residents said “If your leg got wet, your leg will dry to walk on the floor.” We recommend to visit winter season!

The best things to Cook an Onsen Tamago (Hot spring Egg)

A visitor can cook self “Onsen Tamago, Hot spring egg (Onsen egg)(温泉卵)“ at public bathes in Nozawa onsen. Onsen egg is made in onsen places in Japan. Onsen egg is a traditional Japanese low-temperature egg that is slow-cooked in the hot spring.

Firstly you should visit a souvenir shop. You can buy an egg that is 60 yen (with salt). Secondly, you should soak hot spring inside the below wood box while taking hot spring. After a bath, please check inside the box, an egg will change the Onsen egg! Onsen Tamago’s public bath is only 5 places.↓

Kamitera-yu bathhouse
Kumanotearayu bathhouse
Matsuba-no-yu bathhouse
Juodo-no-yu bathhouse
Mini onsen park “Yurari” (without winter)

The best things to eat Nozawa Onsen Lunch Restaurant

We recommend the “Atarashiya” that is an eel restaurant in Nozawa onsen. We often eat Yakitori (chicken) bowl. The texture is tender and jiggly!

ADDRESS8866, Toyosato, Nozawa onsen mura.
OPEN HOURS11:00 ~ 13:30
16:00 ~ 18:00

The best things to eat Sasa Dango

Sasa Dango is a Japanese Dango variety where the rice cakes filled with red bean paste are wrapped in bamboo leaves. The tradition of wrapping rice cakes in bamboo leaves began in the Edo period. Sasa Dango is Nozawa Onsen’s local attractive sweet. You should eat!


The best Things to walk on Main Town Street

Recently, there are increasing cool shops and restaurants on the Main town street of Nozawa Onsen. Especially, we recommend eating some small sweets during walking, that experience is called “Tabearuki” in Japan.

The best things to visit Nozawa Onsen Ogama Hot Spring Bubble

This place is a symbol of Nozawa Onsen. The above picture is the Ogama hot bubble spring (麻釜熱湯湧泉). The hot bubble spring near 90 degrees endlessly bubbling up. Be careful!

The best things to Look to Sunset in Nozawa Onsen

This place is the best sunset point in Nozawa onsen. In the winter, this place becomes a ski course. Nozawa onsen villege and Iiyama city are taken in this picture.

The best things to try Zio Sky Ride at Nozawa Onsen Sports Park

Nozawa Onsen Sports Park(野沢温泉スポーツ公園) has become the popular summer activity spots! Especially ZIP SKY RIDE is a new activity which you can experience the feeling of flying in the sky.

You should try these best things to do in Nozawa Onsen!

Nozawa Onsen has a lot of attractive content for visitors. Recently there are increasing the number of foreign tourists, as the number of shops that support English has increased, it is safer than other ski resorts. If you want to know other nice ski resorts in Japan, please read the below articles.

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The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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