What is Oni (Japanese Demon)?

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Have you ever heard of Oni? In Japan, Oni sometimes appear in our lives. For example, they appear in picture books for children. And also, every year on the 3rd of February, there is an event about Oni. Today, I will explain about such Oni in this column.

What is Oni?

Oni is similar to demon. Their bodies are almost read or bleu, from their heads are appeared two borns and also they wear pants on leopard print and have gold bars. A long year before, it was said that oni power made sheet lights.

Moreover, about proves, the situation that Oni demon has golden bars means to make one even stronger. As you know from these explanations, oni power had strong connections with usual life a long time before.

Oni is Yokai

Oni is a little same as a demon, but Oni is one of categories of yokai. Yokai is a Japanese folk monster, so oni appear in a Japanese folk called Peach Boy. In the story, a hero called Momotaro faught Oni cooperated with some friends, and Oni is written as yokai, bad monsters.

From now on, in Japan, on the 3rd of February, in the festival called Setsubun, we boot oni with beans. If you want to know more about the festival, please check the below site.

Oni in Movie and Manga

Therefore, Oni are featured in manga and movies. Talking about manga, in Death Note, oni appears as Duke who is main character’s friend. Duke is death devil, but it feels close to oni.

Oni has bad meanings because they have oni power, while some Oni has good meanings. For instance, in the movie called friends もののけ島のなき, Oni is human friends.

→Friends: Naki on the Monster Island (friends もののけ島のナキ)

Oni souvenirs in Japan Tattoo, Face pack

In Japan, some souvenirs about oni are sold such as masks of oni, beauty pack.
If you want to know more about these souvenirs and buy, please check the below site.

→The pack of Oni

Oni is one of the Japanese Monster!

Today, I will talk about oni in Japan. Like oni, in Japan, there are many interesting cultures and histories. If you want to know more about Japanese culture and Japan, please check the below articles.



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