5 Best Cherry Blossom Spots near Tokyo

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Japan has many prices to watch cherry blossoms. For foreigners, Cherry blossoms, Sakura is the most famous tree in Japan. There are so many good places in Japan but for foreigners, it’s good to go to the area near Tokyo because big airports are Tokyo and Tiba. In this article, we will recommend good places to enjoy cherry blossoms near Tokyo.

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Houko Garden in Chiba

Cited from 房総タウン.com http://bosotown.com/archives/3740

Houko Garden(抱湖園) is located next to Tokyo, the west side area. In General, we can see cherry blossoms in April. However, we can see the cherry blossoms in February. So you can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms during winter.

Meguro River in Tokyo

Cited from 目黒川沿いの桜のフリー素材 httpswww.pakutaso.com20130333085post-2571.html

Meguro River is one of the most popular rivers in Tokyo. Many Japanese singers have made their songs based on Megara liver, so this river is famous are all over Japan.

And about a good point in this area, there are so many cherry blossoms along this River. Therefore, these cherry blossoms are seen as a tunnel on the river. During the night, trees are lighted up; as a result, two types of cherry blossoms can be seen during a day and a night.

Akaginanmen Senbonzakura in Gunma

Cited from 前橋まるごとガイド http://www.maebashi-cvb.com/nature/flower/senbonsakura/index.htm

Akaginannmenn Senbonnzakura is a park where it is in Gunma prefecture, the left side area of Tokyo. The most surprising point is the number of cherry blossoms. Surprisingly, 500 cherry blossoms are planted, which are 200 kinds of them.

And during the cherry blossoms festival, Japanese traditional goods and vegetables are sold, so you can enjoy pink flowers and also enjoy buying Japanese items.

Sakuma Dam Park in Chiba

MISASAGI Ohkaさんによる写真ACからの写真

Sakuma Dam Park is located in Tiba prefecture. About a famous point in this park, in this Garden, there are many cherry blossoms, which are 2000. Every year, 49000 people visit this park and there are 2000 cherry blossoms; therefore, this park is a popular area to enjoy pink flowers.

It takes an hour and 15 minutes by car, so going to this park is easy for everyone.

Rikugi Garden in Tokyo

The Rikugi garden is located in Tokyo, Central area of Japan. About a famous point in this Garden, “Sidare Zakura” can be seen in this garden. In general, branches of cherry blossoms are straight but the branches of Sidare Zakura are carved. You can see beautiful flowers which is different from the usual cherry blossoms.

So many places near Tokyo to enjoy cherry blossoms

For foreigners, it’s better to go to cherry blossoms spot near Tokyo. There are so many good places to watch cherry blossoms, so if you want to know more, please read the below articles.

→Tips of cherry blossom in Japan-How long? When best season?-

→The best Cherry blossom spots all around Japan

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