The best Cherry blossom spots all around Japan

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Japan is, I think, the most famous country about cherry blossoms. For foreigners, the purpose of going to Japan may be “Sakura”. In this article, we recommend famous places about cherry blossoms. After reading this article, you can teach Sakura to your friends.

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Takato Castle Park in Nagano

Takato-joshi Park in Ina city, Nagano

Takatouzyoushi Park(高遠城址公園) is a park where it is in Ina city in Nagano, a center of Japan. In Japan, there is “The Best 100 Cherry Blossom Spot”; furthermore, this park’s cherry blossoms are selected.

These flowers are seen from early April to mid-April. And Ina is located in the south area in Nagano.

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Hirosaki Park in Aomori

Cited from 弘前さくら祭り2019 HP

Hirosaki Park(弘前公園) is located in Aomori in the where it is in the north area in Japan. Actually there is a castle called ”Hirosaki Castle” which color is black and white, Japanese traditional castle color.

In this park, you can see the cherry blossoms, furthermore, thanks to Hirosaki castle, you can enjoy the harmony between flowers and Japanese traditional culture.

Yoshino Mountain in Nara

Yoshino Mountain(吉野山) is the mountain where it is in Nara prefecture, Japan. The most surprising point is the number of cherry blossoms. Surprisingly, there are 200 kinds of trees and 30,000 cherry blossoms. From the top of the mountain, you can look down the mountain covered with 30,000 cherry blossoms.

During a night, trees are lighted up; as a result, there is 2 aspects of flowers of a day and night, so you can enjoy them two times a day. Nara is the west of Japan

Rikugi Garden in Tokyo

Rikugi Garden(六義園) is one of the beautiful spots to watch cherry blossoms. About a famous point, in this garden, there is “Sidare Zakura” which is a kind of cherry blossoms, the branches are curved. In general, branches of cherry blossoms are straight. In contrast, this park’s trees have carved branches.

Rikugi Garden is located in Tokyo, so foreigners are easy to go.

Arakura Mountain Sengen Park in Yamanashi

Arakura Mountain Sengen Park(新倉山浅間公園) is located in Yamanashi next to Nagano.

About a famous point in this park, Mt.Fuji, a world heritage in Japan, can be seen from this park. You can enjoy the harmony between cherry blossoms and the most famous mountain in Japan. Furthermore, there is a red tower called ”Chureito”(忠霊塔). Recently, this tower is famous among foreigners because of its traditional appearance.

Japan is a Sakura country

You may be interested in cherry blossoms. We are very happy if you want to know “Sakura” more. In the below articles, we can tell you more information. Read and be interested in Japan more!!

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The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


”NAGANO TRIP” is sightseeing contents site to offer tourist information about Nagano prefecture in Japan. People who are interested in Nagano can learn and know about sightseeing contents before visit Nagano. In addition, visitor can learn and enjoy while traveling and after the trip.

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