SORA terrace in Nagano, Japan

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SORA terrace is open during the summertime in Ryuoo Ski Park. SORA terrace is suggested for a family trip, so I introduce there.

I also explain how to go there, the opening hour, the parking area and what time we can see sea of clouds.

Ryuo ski park (SORA terrace) Access and Prices, Opening hours and Parking

Facility’s nameSORA terrace
Address11700, Yomase, Yamanouchi town, Nagano
Opening Hours9:00〜19:00
Open Schedule2019年5/25(土)~2019年11/4(月) ※期間内運休:9/2~9/6
Ropeway FeeAdult (over junior high school student):\2,500、Child:\1,300

Map and Access (by car)

Ryuo ski park has a parking area. In the case of going there by car, you must set the destination is Ryuoo ski park, in the Google map, Ryuoo rope weibeseru. In front of the station of Ryoo ropeway Sanroku has a parking area for free. From there, on foot, it takes about 1~5 minutes to the area taking on the ropeway.

How to come to SORA terrace from Nagano station(train and bus)

SORA terrace is near to Yutanaka station in Yamanouchi town.

There is a shuttle bus between Yutanaka station and Ryuoo ropeway which takes about 20 minutes. It is available from April to November every year.

And also, you can take Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Nagano station.

Let’s try to see sea of clouds SORA terrace!

In SORA terrace, you can see the sea of clouds, of course, and sunset, sky of stars differently for hours. I introduce the suggested time and season to see these sean!

For seeing the sea of cloud, what is the best season?

Sea of clouds has the image to see early morning, but sea of clouds afternoon is also good. The time to see them is different depending on seasons.

  • From June to August: 17:00~
  • From September to November: 16:00~

Firstly let’s take a ropeway!


After parking in Ryuoo ski Park, you will take on ropeway.

As going to clouds, We just arrived! SORA terrace! Its hight is 1,770 meters above the ground.

SORA terrace has much nature, so let’s take a walk!


SORA terrace background is a meadow, so let’s take a walk.

It’s cold also in the summer on the clouds! Let’s bring jackets there.

During the day in the middle of August, the temperature of SORA terrace is 18℃. Most of people are wearing T-shirts, but bringing jackets to wear while it is cold is best. The weather around mountains is easy to change! Although we think it is a good day, in the moment sea of clouds covers us.


I found blue Keshi flower opening at Himaraya!

Himaraya Ao Keshi is open! I found the message. The plats like this color is getting more clear as the elevation is higher.It is difficult to see in Japan, therefore, in Nagano also it is difficult. But you can sometimes see around June and August.

Take a lunch at the SORA terrace cafe!

Let’s take lunch in SORA terrace cafe! There are many original menus! The landscape is also good due to windows. I suggest you come late in order to enjoy both lunch and land scape.

Lunch menu is more attractive!


I ordered Unkai pie SOupe. This lunch is attractive and makes me take a photo. The lunch is popular among young women. And also I suggest for a family trip.


Drink menu is so cute! The image is from SORA terrace sea of clouds and sunset.


Best drink menu is Sky Soda whose model is from sunset seen in SORAA terrace. There are three flavors; Sunrise lemon, Blue Sky lime, and Sunset orange.


SORA coffee is also cute! The top is to put Mashimaro like a sea of clouds.

Sea of clouds? Clear sky? I want to see the good scape from SORA terrace!

In SORA terrace, there are photo spots around there. As the weather is easy to change, you must take a good photo by waiting. The sky blue seen between sea of clouds is very clear. The day is not a good day, but I can feel like staying on the sea of clouds very much.


Let’s go to SORA terrace in 2020!

After enjoying SORA terrace, let’s go back as looking down the landscape of Yamanouchi town. Sometimes, people going across on the ropeway shake their hands. This year, open day is earlier than usual, is on 5/25 Saturday. Why don’t you try to come to SORA terrace with children and pets?

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The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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Nice to meet you. I’m Karina, a university student. Now I’m living in Nagano, Ueda, so I’ll introduce very much about Nagano, Japan! I also have been to study abroad twice in Italy and Greece. This is why I could write traveling articles in English. My favorite things are to go to a cafe and book shop whose buildings are renovated! After you read my articles, I’d like you to know about Nagano and be interested in many popular spots there.