Best Things to Do in Nagano Prefecture for Tourists and Visitors

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Neba Village in Nagano

Nagano prefecture is constructed by 77 towns where has characteristic sightseeing attraction each other. Not only historical place and nature but also delicious foods and art and culture attract world visitors. In this article, we introduce particularly recommended things among many attractions in Nagano.

Walk to Japanese aucentic townscape Tsumago, Narai, Unno,

Tsumago-juku post town in nagano

About 150 years ago, some Kaidos were built among Edo (Tokyo), Kyoto, Other big cities. Post town (Shukuba, Juku) was staying town when buyer and Samurai while walking A to B. Nagano has remained many post town where keep a townscape for a long time ago. Most of the post towns remain on the Nakasendo Way. Tsumago-Juku, Narai-Juku, Ashida-Juku and much more. Please walking and timeslip to Edo period Japan.

Eat delicious Soba noodles Azumino, Togakushi


Soba (そば/蕎麦) famous its local food in Japan, Especially in Nagano. Because Nagano’s climate is suitable for buckwheat(Soba) cultivation. In addition, it’s popular with people around the world. Soba is made by mixing buckwheat flour with water and wheat flour, kneading it, spreading it, out thinly and cutting it into long thin noodles. It depends on the area, Soba types are different. Please taste and compare a lot of Soba restaurants.

Meet Snow Monkey, Jigokudani

snow monkey in yamnouchi town in nagano

Do you know Snow Monkey? Want to meet Snow Monkey? Snow Monkey Park (地獄谷野猿公苑) is only one spot in the world that we can look at monkeys who take an Onsen (hot spring). There is the park in Yamanouchi town in north area in Nagano prefecture. Recently, the park is well known most popular destination for foreign tourists in winter season’s Nagano. A lot of monkeys in the onsen may wait that you come!

Stay in Ryokan and Hotel


If you stay in Nagano, we recommend staying in Ryokan (旅館) which is a traditional type’s hotel in Japan. Probably Guests can eat local dishes and sleep on a Futon (Japanese style bed) and take a hot spring (onsen). In addition, the above picture includes Kotatsu (Japanese style’s winter table. foot is hot), Washitsu (Traditional Japanese-style tatami rooms). The experience of staying at a ryokan is a valuable experience for you.

Visit Museum

Chihiro museum in nagano

As you travel throughout Japan, you must visit an art places in Nagano prefecture. Nagano has many places to enjoy art and culture. The rainy season is sometimes rain in the summer, Typhoons sometimes fall in the autumn, but if you are in an art museum, you can feel safe even in the rain. Unfortunately, Japanese sightseeing spots become popular English explain, but no words in art. Please enjoy Japan’s unique art.

Take a hot spring (Onsen)


Have you ever taken an Onsen (Hot Spring) in Japan? There are many Onsen in Nagano prefecture. Actually, Nagano is the most second biggest Onsen area in Japan. We can recommend the quality of a source of Onsen. Until 10 years ago, Japanese Onsen stricted to foreign tourists, but recently these situation has been improving. English explanation and consideration have been enhanced. Visitors don’t have to worry take a onsen.

Commune with Nature


One of the most attractive points in Nagano is rich natural environment. Especially, we recommend valley and autumn leaves. Nagano’s nature is really diverse and magnificent for ours. And, the trees on the water surface are beautiful because the water is clean. We can not write all attractive points on nature in Nagano. Please check with your eyes.

Summer resort in forests

Recently, Japan has been increasing temperature in summer season by Global warming. In 2019, days of over 30 degrees were over 70 days in Tokyo! It is surprising things. But Karuizawa town (the Saku area in Nagano prefecture) was only 6 days over 30 degrees. Nagano is a well-known Summer resort cool to stay. If you can not endure the heat in Tokyo sightseeing, please come to somewhere cool to stay in Nagano prefecture.

Play Ski and Snowbord Hakuba, Shiga Kogen, Nozawa Onsen

Kashimayari ski resort at winter in hakuba, nagano

Nagano has several world class’s magnificent ski resorts. Almost all Ski resorts are well known good quality powder snow. Every year about 6 million tourists visit Nagano’s winter resort. For example, Hakuba Ski resort was the 1998 winter Olympic site. Shiga Kogen highlands was entered as a Biosphere Conservation Area (UNESCO Eco Park) by UNESCO. Visitor can enjoy winter sports and hot spring in Nozawa Onsen. There are many other ski resorts besides these.


If you want to enjoy all things, you have to visit numerous times to Nagano. But Nagano can be enjoyed no matter how many times you come. Because it depends on the season that you can enjoy different attractions. We waiting for you to come to Nagano!


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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