10 Hot spring (Onsen) Etiquette in Japan

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tateshina shinyu onsen

As Japanese traditional culture, Hot spring (onsen) is loved by an adult and young people. For a foreigner, it’s difficult to understand the rule to take onsen. You read this article and you can know all about Hot spring (onsen) etiquette.

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Hot spring (onsen) Etiquette when you take a bath

You have to care about rules when you take Hot spring (onsen).  In this heading, we tell you those rules.

Fill a basin with hot water and wash your body before taking a bath

First, you have to fill a basin with hot water and wash your head and body before taking Hot spring (onsen). Your body may be sweaty; therefore, you should wash your sweat.

If you have long hair which is over shoulder length, put your hair up with a hair tie

Second, if you have long hair which is over shoulder length, please do one of the below 3 things.

  1. Put your hair up with a hair tie
  2. Put your hair up with a towel
  3. Wear shower cap

Don’t put your towel into Hot spring (onsen)

Third, please don’t put your towel into Hot spring (onsen) . Some Japanese use a towel to wash their body, so putting a towel into Hot spring (onsen) is not clean.

Wipe your body before entering a sauna

Forth, wipe your body before entering a sauna. It’s not good to fall water drops. Besides, the purpose of the sauna is sweating. You can’t sweat if you don’t wipe your body.

Hot spring (onsen) Etiquette at Shower space


In this heading, you can know manner when you take a shower. There are 3 rules.

Don’t reserve a seat

First, there is no reservation system. You can’t reserve a seat, so when seats are vacant, you can use them.

Don’t enter Hot spring (onsen) if you are bad conditions

Second, please don’t enter Hot spring (onsen) if you are bad conditions like stomach ache, menstruation, and nausea.

Put items to an original position

Third, put items to an original position. There are amenities like shampoo, body soap in Hot spring (onsen). Of course, you can use in free but you have to put these items to the original position after using them.

Other Etiquette in Hot spring (onsen)

nozawa onsen

Don’t speak loudly

You should not speak loudly since onsen is republic place wheres people who go to Hot spring (onsen) enjoy chatting, so you don’t need to care as long as you speak in a softer tone.

Put your important items into a locker

Put your important items like wallet, watch and smartphone into a locker for protecting from a robber.

Don’t run! Don’t swim!

Don’t run in an Hot spring (onsen)!  In onsen, floor is very wet and slippery, so it’s dangerous to run.

Rule about tattoo

With tattoo, you may not enter Hot spring (onsen). Check the rules of the Hot spring (onsen) you want to go.

10 Hot spring (Onsen) Etiquette in Japan

tateshina shinyu onsen

There are uncomfortable rules for a foreigner. Recently, there are Hot spring (onsen) which they explain rules to people from foreign countries. Please check them and enjoy Hot spring (onsen). Do you want to know onsen more? Then, read the below articles.


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