Suwa Taisha Shrine in Nagano, Japan

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Do you know Suwa Taisha Grand Shrine? Around Suwa lake, there are four shrines, so you could get four types of Goshuin (marks improved you visited). Moreover, if you visit all four shrines, you could get original memorabilia such as bookmarks. Why don’t you try to visit there?

Today, I introduce Suwa Grand shrine, and I suggest you go after you read it.

Suwa Taisha Shrine is constructed from 4 shrines

There is no rule on which route is better to visit shrines. However, I introduce the model course for your information. Depending on whichever you get off on Suwa interchange or Okaya interchange for highway by car. I suggest you to choose the routes for your situation.

You could get Goshuin every shrine, and finally, you get the original bookmark at the last shrine you visit. For instance, from Okaya interchange you could arrive at Shimosha Haumiya firstly, and next at Manji no Sekibutsu, shimosha Akimiya, Kamisha Maemiya shrine, and at last you could arrive at Suwa interchange.

Suwa Taisha Model Course by car

  1. Okaya Interchange (nearest highway interchange of Suwa Taisha Shimosha)
  2. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya
  3. Manji no Sekibutsu
  4. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya
  5. Suwa Taisha Kamisha Maemiya
  6. Suwa Taisha Kamisha Honmiya
  7. Suwa Interchange (nearest interchange of Suwa Taisha Kamisha)

Access Suwa Taisha Shrine by train

  • Suwa Taisha      Shimosha Harumiya: 15 minutes on foot from JR Shimo-Suwa Station.
  • Suwa Taisha      Shimosha Akimiya: 10 minutes on foot from JR Shimo-Suwa Station.
  • Suwa Taisha      Kamisha Maemiya: 10 minutes by taxi from JR Chino Station.
  • Suwa Taisha      Kamisha Honmiya: 15 minutes by taxi from JR Chino Station.

Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya (諏訪大社 下社春宮)

There is a mysterious stone statue called Mangi no Seibutsu. From the near bridge, you could see the beautiful landscape for seasons. And also, the experience of the stone statue is interesting for visitors. If you have time, you have a better visit there, too. 

Manji Stone Buddha (Manji no Sekibutsu) near Shimosha Harumiya

There is a strange stone buddha near Shimoha Harumiya, which is called Manji Stone Buddha (Manji no Sekibutsu). Manji means temple petitioner who built stone Buddha in 1660 and he put a date of the Manji period 3. In 1974,

Japanese famous artist Taro Okamoto and famous writer Jiro Nitta discovered Manji Stone Buddha (Manji no Sekibutsu). They introduce in a magazine and other media all over Japan.

Local residents in Suwa love Manji Stone Buddha (Manji no Sekibutsu). Many Stone Buddha’s souvenirs are sold in Suwa Area.

Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya (諏訪大社 下社秋宮)

It is far away 1km from JR Suwa station, and the middle between old Nakasendo and Koshu Kaido. Firstly when you enter into the torii(like a gate), you will be attracted by the big tree whose age is about 800 years old.

Suwa Taisha Akimiya is a part of Suwa Taisha. There are 4 different parts near to Lake Suwa in Nagano. The goddess of wind and water is enshrined here, so local people prayed for their agriculture improvement from the old age.

Inside of the shrine, the parts of bamboo and crane are caved at the columns. They have attracted points. Like Shimosha Akimiya shrine, during the period, this shrine was built by original carpenters in Suwa. The style is the same as the Shimoshiro Akimiya shrine. These are architectures that are attractive to tourists, And also I recommend it.

Suwa Taisha Kamisha (諏訪大社 上社本宮)

Kamisha Honmiya shrine has a god for Easy delivery prayer, so if you are pregnant or your friends are like that, I suggest you to come to play for the future of baby. 

Suwa Taisha Kamisha Maemiya (諏訪大社 上社前宮)

And then, near to Kamisha Maemiya shrine, there is a recommend Japanese sweet shop called Shintsuru. There, you could eat rice cake called Mochiman, which takes about 170 yen.

Restaurant near Suwa Taisha Shrine -Kagura-

nakasendo 中山道

Located near the Akimiya of the Lower Suwa Taisha Shrine, Kagura is a shop that serves Omusubi (Rice balls) and soup. Not any preservatives or artificial substances have been added to any products sold in this shop. This shop also uses ingredients which are all produced.

Souvenior of Suwa Taisha Shrine -Shintsuru Honten-

nakasendo 中山道

Established since 1873 in Suwa city, Shintsuru Honten is one of the most famous and popular Wagashi shops (or Japanese sweet shops) within the city. Yokan, or Azuki red bean pudding in English, is a jelly type pudding or dessert with Azuki red bean as the main ingredient and mixed with Kanten (oriental gelatine).

Shio Yokan (salted Azuki red bean pudding) is rated no.1 best selling dessert in the shop, for both locals and tourists from past to present. During your visit to Suwa city, if visitors feel tired and would like to have something sweet to eat, or would even like to buy a souvenir to family and friends, please feel free to pay a visit.

Suwa Taisha Shrine in Nagano, Japan

In Nagano, there are many other attractive shrines for visitors. If you want to know more about other shrines, please visit the bellow site.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


”NAGANO TRIP” is sightseeing contents site to offer tourist information about Nagano prefecture in Japan. People who are interested in Nagano can learn and know about sightseeing contents before visit Nagano. In addition, visitor can learn and enjoy while traveling and after the trip.

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Nice to meet you. I’m Karina, a university student. Now I’m living in Nagano, Ueda, so I’ll introduce very much about Nagano, Japan! I also have been to study abroad twice in Italy and Greece. This is why I could write traveling articles in English. My favorite things are to go to a cafe and book shop whose buildings are renovated! After you read my articles, I’d like you to know about Nagano and be interested in many popular spots there.