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unno juku, tomi city

Tomi city (東御市) is located in Ueda area in Nagano prefecture. There is a Tomi city between Ueda city where is the third biggest city and historical town, and Karuizawa town where is one of the most famous mountain resort in Japan. Maybe Tomi city is not had much of a presence by visitors. However, recently Tomi city has been becoming an attractive area as a sightseeing spot. In this article, we want to convey charm.

Access Tomi city from Tokyo


When you visit Tomi city, Shinkansen is the best way from Tokyo. Tokyo station to Ueda station takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, 6,500yen by Hokuriku-Shinkansen. Secondly Ueda station to Tanaka station takes 10 minutes, 240 yen by Shinano Tetsudo Line.

Superb View

Tomi is well known as one of the sunniest city in Japan. Visitors can look to a superb view that deep relative between several mountain and city center. Especially the view of the sunset from the mountainside is the best.

Unno Juku (海野宿)

unno juku, tomi city

Unno juku post town (海野宿) was a post town of Hokkoku Kaido (Japanese Edo era’s public old road between Edo to Kanazawa). Even now, Unno-juku is constructed by about 100 buildings. In addition, this road is elected as a Top 100 Japanese Road. Usually, Nagano’s famous and historic old road is gathered a lot of tourists. However, there are not many tourists in Unno Juku. If you want to take a picture which is only traditional houses and landscape, Unno Juku is one of the best places in Nagano.

Art Village Park (芸術むら公園)

Art Village Park (芸術村) is located in Yaehara area in Tomi city. There is a Myozin-Ike pond that mirrors a changing four seasons and around the landscape. On the other hands, Umeno Anniversary Painting hall (梅野絵画記念館), Yaehara hot spring (八重原温泉), Grass Park (芝生公園), Cottage attract visitors and local residents.

Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery (ヴィラデスト ガーデンファーム アンド ワイナリー)

Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery is started by Toyo Tamamura in 2003, he is a famous essayist. Villa d’Est has won numerous awards including the highest gold medal at a domestic wine competition. The wine was also offered at the Ise Shima Summit and was praised by the leaders of each country.

Bee Heaven (蜂天国)

Could you understand the above picture’s molding? It was made by honeycomb! Bee heaven (蜂天国) is managed by one company in Tomi. The owner of the company loves bee because ”Bees make an effort to complete the comb every day every time. We should learn by bees”. There is an Mt Fuji’s molding that is registered in Guinness record.

ADDRESS435-1, Kasawa, Tomi city, Nagano prefecture. 〒389-0514
CONTACTTel. +81-268-63-3888
July ~ OctoberNovember ~ June
OPENING HOURS9:00~18:009:00~17:00
CLOSED DAYNothingDecember 30th ~ January 3rd

Tomi Wine Tourism

Actually Nagano prefecture has the highest production of wine grapes in Japan. Tomi city is the top runner of wine grapes production in Nagano prefecture. A wine festival and special wine tour take place every year. Visitors can drink several restaurants and buy at several supermarkets. Please enjoy taste Tomi’s wine.

Soba Restaurant

unno juku, tomi city

We want to recommend to Fukushima-ya (福嶋屋) that is Soba restaurant in Unno juku old town. The above picture is the most popular menu at Fukushima-ya. This is a set menu that Soba and a walnut’s rice ball. Walnut is a special local product in Tomi city. The rice ball is a little bit of sweet taste. And there is an original pickle in this menu. These pickles are made by organically produced vegetables which are grown by the restaurant’s owner.


The characteristic points of Nagano prefecture are a fusion between affluent nature and Japanese traditional lifestyle. Nagano is constructed in many town and village, where have originality. These regions have a different history, different culture, different nature, we can feel a side of Nagano as a treasure box.

Northern Alps in Nagano


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