How to eat Station Soba (Eki-Soba/駅そば) in Japan?

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Soba is a popular Japanese noodle. Usually, visitors eat at a soba restaurant where has a historical and traditional atmosphere. However, there is some type of eating soba spot.

In this article, we introduce Japanese original culture “Eki Soba ” which is to eat soba at one place inside a station. And we report how to eat Eki-Soba!

What is Eki-Soba (Station Soba Culture)?

Visitors can eat soba and udon noodles at the train station. A feature point is cheap and fast. Usual soba is average 200yen ~ 300yen. From you buy a ticket to start eating soba is about 2 minutes! If you didn’t eat soba while Japan trip, the train station soba is the last chance of eating soba!

How to eat “Eki-Soba(Station Soba)”?

Today. we visited Ueda Station that is one of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Station in Ueda city, Nagano prefecture. Nagano is well known as a famous soba area in Japan. Let’s take a look at how to eat!

1 You should look to Eki soba in the train station where is often a big station

2 Near the entrance, there is a ticket for this machine. You need to choose a menu and press a panel.

3 Giving the ticket to staff who stand inside a counter.

4 Visitors stay in a table until the dish. Water is free and self-service.

5 It depends on the place, you can increase leek for free.

6 After eating, Place empty dishes on the counter.

Menu tips at the station soba (Eki-Soba)

Kitsune きつね (“fox soba”)Topped with fried deep-fried tofu
Tsukimi つきみ or 月見 (“moon-viewing soba”) Topped with raw egg
Sansai さんさい or 山菜 (“mountain vegetable soba”) Topped with or wild vegetables such as Warabi, Zenmai, and Takenoko
Tempura てんぷら or 天ぷら Topped with tempura, usually one or two prawns
Tororo とろろ Topped with Tororo, the puree of yamaimo (a potato-like vegetable with a mucilaginous texture)

Let’s eat Eki-Soba (Station Soba)!

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Northern Alps in Nagano


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